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Favorite Christian Novel?

As an addon to favorite Christian song...how about favorite Christian novels? And not only by who, but why?

1. The Didymus Contingency by Jeremy Robinson - First time Christian author. If Dan Brown or Michael Crichton became Christians, one of them might have written this book...but Jeremy Robinson pulls it off like a seasoned pro. Compelling story, shocking ending and a twist I never saw coming.

2. Book II of the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy - Peralandra. From new author to the classics. This book is amazing. Dark, fast and cleverly Chrisitan.

Both are great. Worth reading
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CS Lewis is truly awesome. I've read some books by him, not novels just other straightforward Christian related and he really is just good.
I dont think ive ever read a christian book.Are you talking about CS Lewis as in "the lion the witch and the wardrobe"etc?Is he a christian?does he write christian books aswell?
Well it's not rerally a novel, more like short stories, but I like William J. Bennett's Book of Virtues
I have been looking for some great christian books to read for like young adults. Do any of yall have any suggestions? Thanks, and God bless!!!
Blondie...what kinds of books are you interested in? There are so many I could suggest, but do not know what is/would be of interest. Hope you enjoy this site. GBU!!!
I have a favorite novel! Its called Rags to Righteousness!(by K.A Graaf)
Why is it my favorite?
To check it out you will see it advertised on the Press Stand on the TJ website.
i recommend it to anyone from the ages of 13 yrs to 103 yrs
It is my life story written in a parable. Its kind of like an adult fairytale, although i can tell you my life was no fairytale! But it has a wonderful ending!
Teenage girls would get alot out of it.
Anyway....thats my favorite novel, cant help it if im the author! LOL
This Present Darkness, Piecing the Darkness, and The Prophet.
All written by Frank Peretti.

Your sister in Christ,
The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus
An amazing book, to say the least. It's basically about being a barbarian for Jesus, instead of the ever common "apathetic" faith. It's short and cheap as well.

Jesus Freak both volumes by DC Talk
If you haven't read these, you are making a very, very, very big mistake. The first volume is about Christian martyrs, the second is about Christian revolutionaries. From Stephen to present day.

Every Young Man's Battle
The book that removed the ball-and-chain imprisonment of sexual immorality in my life. After I read this and removed the sexual demons in my closets, I could actually grow and have a real fruitful relationship with God.
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For the earlier post about any suggestions for a teen to read, I have some. Try The Left Behind books for teens. They're fabulous and action filled. Some of my favorite books include:

1) Love Comes Softly- Janette Oke.
2) First Light- Bodie and Brock Thoene
3) The Case for Christ- Lee Strobel
4) Dangerous Sanctuary- Lois Richer

All terrific books!
My favorite has got to be "Heavenly Man" about Brother Yun in China, who was persecuted like nothing on earth, and sent to prison for years, this book is a must if you like to see how to walk by faith as he escapes the prison by just walking out past the guards as god blinded them with broken legs wow how awsome!

and next is an all time favorite Nicky Cruz " Run Baby Run" as he battles with street gangs in Brooklyn, and David Wilkerson reaches out to Nicky and he becomes born again, facinating testimony.
I have two favourite books and find it hard to choose actually......The return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen and Run Baby Run ahd a very powerfull impact on me when I was younger.
alabaster, i love those two books, this present darkness and piercing the darkness. they are really cool. one of my favorites. He is so good, the author. God blessyou all:)
love, Tanya
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yea Tanya.. im wif u on them 2... they r also pretty good...

i also like the book
'The Redemption of Althalus' by David Eddings..

i dno if its a christian book, but it has major underlying themese of a higher power an stuff
Pilgrim's Progress #1 selling Christian novel/allegory of all time

My favorite novel which is a work of fiction (in this case an allegory) is Pilgrim's Progress.

It is a great book on what the Christian life is like written by John Bunyan while he was imprisoned for preaching the gospel.

It also happens (according to the edition I have) be the second best selling Christian book ever next to the Bible. I think justly so because it's gripping fiction (though admittedly written quite awhile ago) yet brings such Biblical truths to our mind and helps us watch out for dangers the Bible warns us of.

I was surprised how many Christian young people haven't even heard of the book, much less read it. If you didn't know, now you know. Read the Bible first (for truth, not fiction), but if you like fiction, check Pilgrim's Progress out!
AlabasterBox said:
This Present Darkness, Piecing the Darkness, and The Prophet.
All written by Frank Peretti.

Your sister in Christ,

Those are the best books ever. frank peretti is a really good author. Another book

that fits right along side this Present Darkness, Piecing the Darkness, and the

Prophet is my favorite book "the oath" by frank peretti. If you haven't read it you

need to.