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Fav colour

lol....my toothbrush is dark blue...dont know why you wanne know that but yeah its dark blue....
my favorite color is pink!
whats yours???

god bless
My toothbrush is pink and white. My fav color is pink. I love it. I think it has alot to do with having 3 daughters. I dress them in pink like everyday.
I like soem shades of purple and some shades of blue............. my toothbrush is red and white.
my toothbrush is yellow but my fav colour is silver and pink,..(my mum picked out my toothbrush) i love my mum

love sunshineerin
lol...this is really a very interesting question ha!!! lol!
my fav colour is yellow but the colour of my toothbrush is lavander, i used to choose that colour..i dont know why?!...

My favorite color is Red but my toothbrush is blue and white, cause it matches my bathroom lol. :dog:
I'd Have to say my Fave Color is Blue, And My Toothbrush is Red.

Sanctified, I think the Connection is as follows;

Having Given The replies to this Thread Careful Scrutiny, I have come to the Conclusion that The Connection can be identified and transductively rationalised given the Following Obeservations.


1) That 6.7% people in the sample Elected Green as a Preferred Color.
2) That 6.7% people (of the Aforesaid Sample) own a toothbrush that is a color that can be Combined with one of their preferred Colors to make the Color Green.
3)That only a minority (6.7%) posessed a red toothbrush.
4)That in the Given Sample, The Most Preferred Color Is Pink.
5)That 40.2% of the Sample use a toothbrush that is a comination of Colors.
6) 26.8% of the sample elected more than one color as their Favorite
7) That There Are Lies, Damned Lies........ and then, there's Statistics.

Given these Observations, I'm Afraid that there is only one conclusion:

That Toothbrushes Are Taking Over The World!..................
because they have bristles.

I Suggest everyone looks up the word "transductive" in their dictionaries.
my fav colours are pink and blue, but my toothbrush is an awesum shade of green!!! It's awesum too :)