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Fathers Death

Firstly I would like to say thank you for taking a look at my message and would really be greatful for any prayers.

To start off,my father who was a deaf pastor passed away in June this year from cancer at the age of 53.I must say that I am greatful that the Lord gave me 19 good years to have been with my father and I understand that God has a plan for everything and it was my fathers time to go.My mother was with my father when he passed away and she is trying really hard to understand why the Lord had to take him now.My mother(who introduced me to this site)is going through a very difficult time at the moment and she needs comforting and understanding.She joined this site not too long ago to seek understanding,comfort and also fellowship.She also fairly new but I do know that she apreciates all the replies that he has recived.I pray that the Lord will be there to comfort her everyday and also to provide understanding.

I would really be thankful for any prayers,
God bless you,
Geevs, I am so sorry to hear about your father's death. While God will call us all home someday, it hurts us to lose those we love. You gave a beautiful testimony of the time you had with him. Please share with your mother (I'm sorry - I am not sure who she is) our sympathies.

God has given you a wonderful gift in the memories you have - it may be difficult for her to see that now, but Jesus can heal broken hearts. She needs time to heal tho & many prayers. She will definitely receive the prayers from those here. I have just prayed that God will gently lift the veil of mourning from you both & that His Spirit will renew your joy.
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I would like to encourage you to be strong for your mother. Show her your strong faith and joy in GOD always (sincerely) so she can see you as a witness of good faith. Pray for her always and declare that in Jesus' name she will be comforted in her heart and spirit.

GOD bless you
May God comfort you both. I pray His love surrounds you and the example of your father's witness to the love of God will sustain you both in your grief.

I pray that you will find comfort in your time of need. I pray that the Lord will become your rock to stand upon. Be strong for your mother. God bless!
Father Death

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We don't know why the Lord takes home those that he chose's too. All we know that they are with him and they are at peace. I know it is hard for those that are left behind, but it time it does get better. The Lord is with those that mourn, he is ever so close. I will pray with for your mother, remember its not a eternal seperation you will all see him when we all meet together in heaven. I know what it is to lose parents. I will pray for comfort for your mother and you.

I'm sorry to hear about your father, i'll remember you in my prayers, Keep going strong!
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