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If any of you are interested in fasting there is a great website at www.freedomyou.com.

Chad gave me permission to post on this date of 3/8/06. ( I don't know how to give you a direct link, I need to learn how:embarasse .

It is a Christian website that offers lots of information on what type of fasts there are, how safely to start one, manage through one, what to expect while on one and how to safely end.

:lightbulb Seeking knowledge and a little wisdom is advised prior to attempting a fast, especially long ones. Certain medical conditions/medications need to be taken into account.:lightbulb

The site informs on how beneficial and important fasts are for spiritual growth, health , breaking strongholds, addictions etc....There are some phenomenal testimonies. And great Christian support, because it kinda gets tough at times..the flesh raises its ugly head, so prayer and encouragement is often needed but there are plenty of victories!!!Praise the Lord.

I have used this site for help with fasts that I have been on. I originally started fasting for health reasons but it lead to experiencing so much more.

If you feel the Lord is leading you to fasting, or any questions you might have about it, In my oppinion , 'freedomyou' is the website to visit.

May God bless you on your journey.

Your friend in Christ:love:
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thank you heather i been looking for some good ways to fast or some direction on how to go about it so i will check this site out thank you.
love you in jesus name

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