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Family of 3 homeless due to arsonist...

Formerly Adiaglow
A fellow online user on www.livejournal.com had a cousin who's house recently got destroyed by a arsonist. Here's the link to the news story: http://www.komo4.com/stories/32516.htm

Here's what she wrote:

First off, thank you from the Giampino and Hedrick families. Some of you
know this, but some don't. Please pass this onto anyone you think may not
have received this.

Scott, Ali and Max's home burnt last night and they lost everything. They
narrowly escaped with singed hair and eyebrows. We are all so thankful
that they are safe. Below you'll find two links to the local news channels
highlighting the fire. Fire investigators think it was arson as there have
been other like this.

As they have lost everything, some of their local friends have set up a
place where you can send anything you think they may need. Scott is 6' 4"
and an XL in most everything, Ali is 5' 9" and slender, and Max is
officially 3.5 years old, but big for his age. So he's more like a 4 or 5
year old size. So far, they haven't found their two cats Rudy and Winnie
and we are hopeful.

Please send donations to:
Giampino Family
c/o Julie Butterfield
c/o Capital Hill Sonic Boom (a local record shop)
514 -- 15th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 568-2666

Things they need? You name it. They are currently wearing the clothes on
their back that they escaped with. Shoes (Scott is 11 (I think) and Ali is
8 1/2 (I think) and Max is at least a 4 year old size), clothes, household
items, money, family photos, friend photos, toys for Max, heck, toys for
Ali and Scott!

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and phone calls. Laura G

Please pray for them, and send donations if you can. Thank you.