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Family needs your prayers

Please pray for a family that has been very close and dear to my family. We met this family a little over two years ago when the father was deployed overseas as part of the war effort. The mother was insecure about herself and her ability to care for the family while the father was away. During that time, we helped minister to the needs of the mother and their three children. The older two children were part of a previous marriage of the father. The mother and my wife hit it off and became best friends and were like long lost sisters. All three kids were very special to us as well. When the father (Bob) returned from overseas, he was surprised that the mother (Angel) had kept everything intact, but Bob was a proud man and tried to put Angel back to being a wife without an opinion and he would again totally run the household. Angel's confidence grew from that experience, and she realized she had a circle of friends now from church that helped her realize she was intelligent enough to function without being totally dependent upon her husband.

Needless to say, the once passive wife now asserted herself with her husband and began to express her feelings. She began going to Christian based counseling sessions to try to better her life and their marriage. Bob refused to attend counseling sessions, again being too proud to admit there were issues. Angel tried in vain to make Bob change and to improve their situation, but Bob was stubborn. Bob forced Angel to quit going to her original counselor because the counselor did not accept insurance payments. Angel began seeing another counselor that was part of the family's insurance plan but was not Christian based. The counselor seemed preoccupied with Angel's alcoholism (she's been sober for five years thanks to A.A.) and felt their marital issues were of little concern. Angel began to become more depressed and desperate. Her home life was miserable, and her husband was ignoring her.

Finally, she took a drastic step. Within the last month, Angel moved out on Bob renting an apartment in a house across the street. She had a lawyer draw up legal separation papers. Angel confided in my wife and me that she wanted to give the separation six months to see if that would wake up Bob.

Angel used to be in constant contact with us when she first moved out. I noticed after about a week she quit calling and stopping by, so I started calling her myself. Finally she called me back on my cell phone when I was at work and she came clean after considerable prodding on my part. Angel admitted she started having an affair with a guy. I expressed that I was very concerned for her safety and well being, and an affair was flat out wrong. Angel's been falling away from everyone ever since. She's abandoning church and her friends. My wife cannot reach her, and she's hurt as well. Last Sunday Angel admitted to her husband about the affair, and says the marriage is over. This admission caused Bob to have a complete change of attitude. He's now a desperate man and realizes he made a mistake. He's talked with my wife and I at length now, and he's willing to go to counseling and work things out, but now Angel is wanting to end things. So now that I've given a huge about of background, would you please pray that Angel has roadblocks put into her way from seeing this other man? Would you please pray that Angel has a change of heart? Would you please pray that Angel understand the seriousness of her sin and feel convicted enough to ask for forgiveness and truly repent? Lastly, please pray for Bob, my wife and myself that we have the strength, both physically and mentally, to carry on?

Thank you.