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Family& Marriage

Any one want to share whats life like being married, the ups and downs.
I am intrested in becoming a marriare counselour.
hey this is a very old thread. . actually the nr. 1 in parents hehe. . .but i like the question...and the challenge. . .and i just wanna bring this back up. . .interesting for me to to know. . .learning by readin lol

so here is my input about UPS

What I always tell my hubby. . .whats the thing I love most about being married to him. . .:

Is waking up next to him every morning of my life :love:

Thats what I realized whenever we were married first year. . .and still today after 13 years its the same. . .He is still there :love:

Come on out with your all secrets lol :love:


MArriage has its ups and downs alright...

up - companionship,

down - oh my goodness, I am having a bad night, maybe you should just pray for me...

At the moment I just feel misunderstood and emotional - I dunno whether that's because I am married or not -

I just think alot of poeple who pray they had a partner, should really be careful for what they are praying for becuae sometimes lonliness is the best thing for us - the we can be sooooooooooo dependent on God :)

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