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Family lost an infant to SIDS 12-7

Please pray for Jacqui, her husband and her 2 young children. She woke up on the 7th and found her precious 12 wk. old infant son dead. They and paramedics tried but could not revive him. They are devastated and have his funeral to get thru tomorrow. Please pray!
That is very sad Reenie, thank you for allowing us to lift this family up in prayer.
We are united in prayer for them. The groanings of the Holy Spirit are in my heart for so terrible a loss.
Oh Lord, let them see Your Joy of receiving this one into heaven! Bring great mercy, comfort and understanding to their household, come quickly! Let an onrush of great blessings and a torrent of great mercy purge any of their sorrows away immediately. Send Your Holy Spirit mightily upon them to deliver them and those around them of any misunderstandings of Your great will and fortitude, that this child was no mistake, and much can be learned and achieved from it. Create great anticipation in them as they look up to You for understanding, deliverance, and Your Joy restored in them all. Bring great comfort and ministry as a replacement for their loss, that it may turn to great understanding and mercy and gain. Greatly bless Jacqui's household indeed, in Jesus' mighty name I pray, amen.
Please, Lord, bless and restore this couple---restore them in their loss of this precious, precious child. An unthinkable pain and loss, Lord, but You are bigger and stronger than anything in this world, I know. I love You, Lord, and I thankyou for staying so close to this couple in W. Penn and blessing them in every way imaginable and beyond. Make them a blessing to others and a channel of blessing when You use them in the future to minister to others who will go through the same thing. I love you, Lord, You never waste our pain and sorrow, and Your Word never returns void. Amen.