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family guy

i have been watching Family Guy and i know it makes fun of jesus but i can't tare myself away it's like a carwreck you don't want to look but you can't help it. Know what i mean?
Yeah know what you mean... lol
ok My Youth Pastor watches the Simpson's fav TV show and i recon that it Pays out and is bad to Jesus and God btu still if you dotn take it in and dont study into what they say and do, then you can still watch it i guess...
i mean i liek DONT Watch ANY TV any more. unless you actually count MOVIES as TV then yeah!!!

Love Simon!!!
Question would you watch the show with Jesus sitting next to you? I dont think so ! The television does not turn it self on to that channel its a choice you make. Would you watch the show if it was making fun of you?. No you would be offended so why watch something that makes fun of Jesus. You need to pray about it and really seek what God would want you to do not what others do. Your sister in Christ Bobbie
I agree with Bobbie, you should base your decisions on wether you would do it or not with Jesus present. That goes with all your decisions in your day to day life.
Couldn't have said it better, Jesuslovesu. The only thing I would add Anna, is that just by the fact that you are asking....you must be doubting that you should watch it.