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Family communion together ?

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I like to sit together alone with my wife and children , and share Gods goodness in our lives . We also pray for each other , and I let my children set up , and serve the communion to us . It really brings our family together , and places Jesus right in the middle where he belongs . How many others share family communion , and what are the results from doing this together ? Please share you're parenting tips , and traditions with us , so we may also enjoy them as well . :love: :boy_hug: Brother
Hey Brother, I think thats cool. We do communion as a family and when we have friends over also. I think Jesus wanted it to be a part of our life and not just some religious ceremony that we participate in. I have used a coke and a nab to take communion before also. The religious folk may be uptight about it but Jesus and His sacrifice of blood and body were remembered.
Be free my Brother . God looks on the heart , not the elements ! You are a great witness for the Lord Jiggyfly ! Thanks . Brother Mike

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