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Families called to serve the LORD (Numbers 4 to 7)


Numbers 4 21 to 7 89.................Judges 13 2 to 25.......Acts 21 17 to 26

You know, I don´t know how to figure out the keys to the punctuation on PCs in Central America, they seem to be all out of order, out of place, the star symbol is really another, and the dollar sign is another, and you know, I am not going to try and find out, I am just going to write this parasha,

This parasha is similar to last weeks, the Levite families are separated (Kadoshed) to serve in the Tabernacle, from 30 years old to 50. As we learned last week, Yeshua started his ministry at 30 years old. We, as high priests of HaShem, we have ALL been KADOSHED or SEPARATED unto the service of our Messiah Yeshua, and it doesn´t matter what family name we bear, all that matters is that we are BORN AGAIN in HIS family. Each of us has been kadoshed to do certain things in the Family of God, in our ¨KEHILOT (congregation). The spiritual gifts give us jobs to do and we should do them to the best of our abilities, just as the ancient Israelite families carried the objects of the tabernacle, so we should carry our load, what we have been called to do, there is no such thing as retirement in God s family, we serve until the LORD brings us home to glory, and then what ( that s supposed to be a question) then we serve some more, for all eternity


Judges 13 2 to 25

The rest of the Parasha is about the Nazarite vow, in this type of vow, a person could not go near the barber shop, could not drink wine, nor even grape juice, and not touch anything dead. These were people who in their heart, wanted to serve the LORD for a certain time, dedicate themselves entirely to the LORD, and so, went through the Nazarite ceremony. Are there Nazarites today ? ? great, I found the question mark key, it is the key with the long line on top, yeah, makes sense
well, there might be, the WORD of God does not prohibit taking a Nazarite vow today, I guess we just don´t hear of believers calling themselves Nazarites today, but there might be, Samson, the strong man, was called to be a Nazarite from the womb, he was a judge in Israel, from the tribe of Dan. His job was to free the Israelites from under Phillistine rule, this was before Saul was made king. When Israel sinned and stopped serving the LORD; God would send chastisement, in the form of other conquering nations, such as the Phillistines, when they repented, God sent relief, Samson was chosen, yet HE himself was carnal, and violated his Nazarite vows, and so even he was judged by Righteous Adonai, yet ended his life killing thousands of Phillistines when he brought the Temple of Dagon down. Believers, take heed that we stay faithful to our calling, least Adonai bring the house down on top of US !!!


ACTS 21 17 To 26

Rav Shaul gets some good news, many Y´hudim are coming to Yeshua, thousands of Messianic Jews are now revealed, they love Yeshua and they love the Torah, who says one can t be orthodox and messianic ? sure, I imagine them all were very Torah observant , yet they recognized Messiah Yeshua as LORD, and realized that good works (mitzvoth) did not bring saving righteousness, that saving righteousness came only through Yeshua. Shaul also, wanted to prove to the Jews that he also was Torah observant, so, He also went through the Nazarite ceremony,

Just a bit of exta info, When a person went through the ceremony, his hair would be cut, then, after that, the person would let his hair grow until the appointed time of his Nazarite service was over, then, his hair was cut again, and his hair would be thrown into the fire and be burned, sort of a consumation of his Nazarite service.

We can serve the LORD without going through a Nazarite ceremony, God doesn t look for outward signs of service, he looks into our hearts.

Shabbat Shalom v´hag sameach Shavuot.

There was a tropical lighting and rain storm tonight in San Salvador, lights went out for a while, and so did the PC , The day was cool, part sunny, a wind blowing through the trees, dogs were calm, lazying around, just like the rabbi,, laying around in the hammock, getting up late, still go on to the patio and put on the tefillim and tallit, and do mornng prayers, always to make sure the patio is washed and swept clean, after all, the dogs patrol the property all night, and the patio is part of their terrain. Tomorrow is Parasha teaching at a retired Army capt. house, He loves the LORD, is in his 70 s, and tomorrow afternoon we go to the Beit HaMidrash (House of Study) and celebrate Shavuot and have Hebrew class. Keep us in prayer,, It is still raining, but the lights are on

Rabbi Ben Avraham
San Salvador, El Salvador

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