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Faithbuilder Introduction


I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Jason. I am from the great state of Tennessee. If you look at the most northeast part of the map you can find me. I am twenty-eight years of age and I am married to my beautiful wife, Becky. We have a four-month-old daughter together and have a kitty-kat. I enjoy serving the Lord and fellowship with brothers and sisters like you.

My passion is Jesus Christ. That is why I am faithful to the House of God. I attend The Way Home Holiness Church in my area. I love to sing, shout, and testify that Jesus is Lord. I enjoy learning about the Lord daily as I study is Holy Word. I am a Christian Writer and I enjoy writing for His glory.

I found Talk Jesus about four months ago. I started reading the posts and found the talk about my Jesus was inspiring. I have been a member of many boards in the past but Talk Jesus is the only forum I prayed about before joining. I spent the last four months praying. "What can I do at Talk Jesus to glorify Him?" I got to thinking…

I have been on the Internet for over ten years. I have been all over the net trying to find a chat to call home. Along the way I have owned forums, admin'ed them, and mod'ed some. I have used about all the forum software along the way. I have found out most of them are un-godly and defile the name of Jesus. I enjoy fellowship and great Christian folk. I look forward to meeting all of you. Please feel free to email or private message me anytime. Have a blessed New Year in Christ Jesus.

Start the New Year right at TalkJesus.com...
Faithbuilder it is great to meet you, I have only been around here for a couple of days and I have also been for sometime searching out a Christian felloeship online where is was active, I have just found that at other places they don't really want to share very much in any way. I feel so at home here already and like you I have put this site and all the memebers in my prayers. I hope we all continue to get to know one another ever better.

GOD Bless, Love, Peace, and Prayers,:rose:
Welcome faithbuilder,
I found your post inspiring. Thanks. I hope that you will indeed build the faith of the members here at TJ, including myself. :) I pray that your faith may also be built up here.

God's richest blessings to you now and always,

Thank you all for your nice warm welcome. I look forward to jumping in and talking. I am having a little problem. I can't get on the forums. I will ask Chad about it. Thanks again and have a blessed day in Christ Jesus!