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God gave me sight
But also a choice
A choice to have faith
Sight is seeing physical things
But faith is spiritual
It is Godly
Faith is loving
Faith is believing in things that you cannot see
It is the ill to pray and the will to give everything to God
It is trusting God and nothing else
Faith always forgives
Faith believes truth
Faith has morales
Faith will endure
Faith does not hate
The faithful will inherit the land
Those who have faith believe the Bible
Faith comes by God's Word
Faith comes by hearing
It is the substance of things hoped for
Faith grows
Faith comes through salvation which comes by Christ
Faith comes by grace
This leaves one question,
"Do you have faith?"

beautiful.....thanx for that lovely poem it was inspiringand encouraging because faith is the substance to all things.....GBU
thank u Lord for u r so faithful, always and forever.

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