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Staff Member
@Jennifer Patterson


tell us a little more about this struggle you say you are encountering.
Some here might tell you of their encounter with the risen Lord ....

we all need encouraging more and more

Bless you ....><>
Jesus is Lord
I’m new on here and I’m struggle with a vision I saw. I’m needing someone to look and see if your seeing what I’m seeing?
Welcome to Talk Jesus, Jennifer. dreams/visions can be tricky. I've explored them a lot and believe the best thing is to talk to God about things and pray about the message and if it a dream from Him. Nothing wrong with getting some different perspectives on it. I wouldn't mind pming if you want I just prefer three way pm online if that is okay with you.

I tell you I had got sidetracked by exploring dreams in the past... Went far too deep and still have caught myself sometimes. Always seek God first and foremost, because if you just seek the supernatural, it will find you.