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Iam new in the Lord so please forgive me if I don't get this right.
I know there is at least 8 eight different types of faith such as human faith,bible faith mental faith,etc.Now what I'd like to know if there are different levels of faith such as at first we have a mesure of faith.But as we go along and learn more about God don't our level of faith gets higher(another level)
thank you and God Bless,avondaledot:eek:mg:
I don't know about "levels of faith". One thing I know, it's not by knowing God's words that you will have more faith, but by experience (you can know God's words and still not apply them). "Having more faith" is only the expression to say that, in bad or good situations, you'd tend to trust God more than on your own judgment. Here's a daily devotion I received from www.purposedrivenlife.com , hope it'll help you:

Stepping Out
by John Fischer


In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when Harrison Ford goes after the Holy Grail, there is a final test where he has to take a step of faith to get to the Grail. He has to cross a chasm over what appears to be a bottomless pit in order to claim the cup so he can use it to heal his father (Sean Connery) from a fatal wound. The riddle he and his father have figured out has convinced him he must take a step out into the abyss—has to put his full weight into it—and as he does, sure enough, a bridge appears out of nowhere and his step lands on something solid that was not visible until the instant his foot came down on it in mid-air. All issues of faith are like this. It’s not enough to believe, you have to put your whole weight into it. And when you do, you risk falling, but you find something solid.

So there is a risk involved. The risk is always around what will happen if God doesn’t do His part. The Bible says that faith “is the evidence of things we cannot see.” Hebrews 11:1 It’s the bridge that we step out onto even if we cannot see it. Maybe that bridge is love for someone unlovely. Maybe it is the words we don’t think we have until we put open our mouths in front of the person we need to address. Maybe it is courage to face a responsibility that seems impossible. Maybe it is the power to overcome a bad habit. But it’s there—the bridge of faith is there—even though we can’t see it.

Hebrews 11 goes on to mention eighteen individuals by name, plus all the prophets, the children of Israel, and the early martyrs who accomplished impossible things by faith. All ordinary people—all with their own flaws, fears, and excuses to overcome. And the conclusion for us is to realize that these people and their examples are a huge crowd of witnesses surrounding us and telling us to “strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily hinders our progress. And let us run the race that God has set before us.” Hebrews 12:1 What a cheering section!

What is it in your life that you need to address by faith? What is the invisible bridge God is asking you to cross? I’m thinking about what’s on my plate. With this kind of encouragement, I think we can step out.
May the LORD guide you on your path! ^^
Recently I heard a message on faith. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing from the word of God. They said this faith is not the logos word (written word) but the rhema word (God's voice). We must have such a relationship with Him so we can hear him. He's our shepard and His sheep know His voice. Many are saturated with the logos word but the rhema word brings life.
Thank you for your answer,I guess I need to ask in a different way.I believe that God can and will heal me.when I am prayed for I am healed but why can't I stay healed.My faith is still the same.Where am I missing it?I believe that by His stripes that Iam healed.When I am prayed for is it by that person's faith or mine?Don't I need head knowledge for it to get to heart knowledge.I have trouble with knowning if I am in the flesh or the spirit.
Maybe Iam not saying it right.Can faith be like common sense,some has it and some don't?
These are the faith that I am talking about; Human faith,Bible faith,Mental faith,Senses faith and Christian faith;
I love God and want to do all I that He wants me to be.I know that I can't do it on my own.That the Holy Spirit will do it.I can't seem to know when it's just me wanting to please God.
At our Church Service tonight (Sunday) this was one
of the topics the preacher spoke on, Faith
he said, we use faith everyday, I guess that
would be like the 'mental' faith you refer to Avondaledot
one example he used was
like going to an airport knowing the ticket will
be there for us, we have faith it will be there
and that is why the Lord Jesus used faith because
we us it so often that it would be easy then for us
to grasp hold of it's meaning.
Don't know if this is any help but thought it was
a sure coincedence that Faith was spoke on tonight
in church.
About 'by his stripes we are healed' I always took this
to mean, our sin, and not health related, perhaps I've
got it wrong, anyone enlighten please?
Godbless us with knowledge and a desire to know more Amen
Staff Member
Maureen, "by his tripes we are healed" first means spiritually, but comes with it health and every aspect of our lives. The main purpose is our spirit, made new in Christ.
A few mo. ago I was not feeling very well so i asked the ones in the shout box to agree with me that i would be healed in the name of Jesus. The next day I felt very well and remembered what i had asked. I think to me , faith is knowing and beliving in what God says in his word . I too , get discourged and wonder why things are the way they are sometimes then i remember that if i praise the Lord and thank him for all he has done and do my best to keep a prayfull heart then my faith in God seems to get stronger. You know,walking by faith,learning the Word of God , learning to live by the Word of God is a day by day process.I dont beleive that i will fully arrive,but i do belive that as long as i try God will supply all i need to carry on here until He calls me home.GOD BLESS YOU.
God is Know

kimpuii said:
God can do i needs, he can answer in the exact time.
i was searching peace, love, hemony etc in this world i cant find. But God know what i needs he blessed me and he care for me more and more. I will always love him.Sometimes i felt terrible, but i prayed and God answerd my prays Paraise the Lord.
Brothers & Sisters in Christ I wish to thank ya'll .I think I found some things that is of some help.It's kind of long and I am not sure about the amouth of space I use.I think I was misled by just saying different types of faith.I think it should be the difference in Faith & Hope.Faith is Present tense were Hope is Future tense.Faith says it is mine.I have it NOW.Hope says I'll get it later.Everyone has a natural faith weather they are saved or unsaved.Heb.11:1 God is talking about a scriptural faith.Bible faith is believing with your heart.Bible faith is laying hold of the unseen realm of hope and bringing it into the realm of reality,also bible faith grows out of the word of God.As you can tell that I don't know how to speak this way But Iam reading and learning from a bible study book.It sounds good to me and I'd like to share it with all of ya'll and I hope if Iam misunderstanding what Iam reading and saying Please correct me.I love getting in the word and it is like finding a gold nugget.I just don't want to believe anything in the word that wrong just because it went over my head or just out and out don't see it.
I Hope for physical strength to do the work I know that I must do.But Faith says (PS 27:1 the Lord is the strength of my life;of whom shall I be afraid.Faith will say about itself everything that the Word says for faith inGod is faith in His Word.
I will try to find a way to add more about Faith as I understand more.I love this!
I know there is no distance with God.So I pray that God will Bless ya'll and meet all your needs. a sister in Christ.(my prayer is that I spelled everything right )
Maureen,I believe that God has his ways to get the answers we are looking for.When it comes to faith we may all have different ways at looking and hearing words.I though I understood the languageI speak and writeing in but for some reasonI don't always hear or know the meaning of all the words that comes out of my mouth or in my ears.I guess I hurry to much when Iam reading.Because I feel so stupid after I realize what the words that Iam reading really means.I know that Iam not a rocket scientists but geeee!Iam begining to think I only went to school to eat my lunch.
I don't know about other people but I believe that we are in the End Times and because maybe I've learn not to trust or believe or know what Faith is.But I feel that I better find out now because how much longer do we have.?(not even the angels in heaven knows).But in God's words didn't it say something about after we are Born Again then the Holy Spirit will be our teacher.And if we have a need won't He get it to us.Didn't He even use a donkey at one time.All I can say for myself is I have no excuse for not knowing anymore then I do. God Bless.
Avondaledot keep on believing, I believe you are being
well blessed, I know the feeling when you just can't get
enough of the Word, it's marevelous isn't it?
Oh how we love Jesus......
Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.N.I.V.

its a great little book puts everything in very understandable