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It is written, Without faith it is impossible to please God. What is faith?, it is described as this, faith is the subsatnce of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Which simply means, believing in something or someone that can't be seen.
This is what God has called us to, a walk of faith, Jesus is the substance the things that are hoped for are the promises, the wind is the evidence of the unseen. Even now as God Spirit is ministering this fresh word to my spirit, the question arises,..............How can something unseen be evident? Because the meaning in the dictionary of evident is easy or clear to see and understand.

Yet I'm reminded that God is Spirit and it is for this same reason He seeks those who would worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, just as we can feel the cool breeze, yet we don't see it, but we know that it's there, so is God's Spirit.
We are not able to see Him but His presence is evident to those who have accepted Jesus in their hearts in Spirit and in Truth.

Why is it so much easier to believe or even trust that which is seen? rather than trusting or believing in the unseen, and by this I mean God, we have so much evidence, proof of His excistance, yet we doubt Him when He gives us a promise, why is that?
Is it that we are so set in our worldly ways of seeing and doing things that we consider it difficult to make that transfer of being focused on the natural things towards the spiritual things?

It is also written walk not by the things which are seen, but by the things which are unseen, for the things which are seen are temperal and the things which are unseen are eternal.

Faith is believing that what God says it's so, no matter what any one says,.........our character should be so shapen that whatever God says goes, it doesn't matter who wants to question Him but I won't, is that too much to ask for?

When doubt comes in it throws hope and faith through the window, now remember that without faith we can't please God, so as this (doubt) seeps in we get off focused, which can happen so easily,without us even knowing how or when it happened.

God is not man that He would lie or the son of man that we would repent, if God said it, it will come to pass,........ not in our time our when we would like Him to but when He sees fit,........and we ask but why Lord? Don't you care that I hurt? Can't you see what I'm going through? Why are you tarying? It's not that He doesn't care or He isn't able to see, it's not that at all,................it's about the unseen, for while we are waiting and hurting in the process He is working things out on our behalves, He's at work in us and around us. Stop taking things so lightly, stop taking who and what's around you for granted, there's a purpose, with God nothing happens by accident or by chance.

when in doubt, throw it out throw the doubt that satan is putting in your mind out, rebuke it in the mighty name of Jesus, and remind satan that the blood of Jesus is against him.

Father God in the name of Jesus I stand in 1 accord with you and I come against that doubting spirit and I bind it in the name Jesus, You have told us to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ Jesus, knowing Lord that the weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty through You to the pulling down of strongholds and every high thing that exalts itself above You, renew our minds Father tha we may know what is you Good Acceptable and Perfect will for our lives.

I drench this message in the blood of Jesus Christ as well as those who You'll have reading it, and I cancell and call void ever and any tactick satan may try against Your word being delivered, in the name that stands above all other names and shall continue to stand for ever and ever more amen.

Be blessed
There are a lot of good verses from the faith:I put here few:

Ga 5:6 For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.

Eph 4:15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

may GBU all ... :thumbs_up
Faith takes what we are hoping for, and turns it into substance. It takes what we do not see and makes it evident (obvious to the eyes) Heb 11:1 (180 degree version)
The thing about the word faith is, it's a verb, not a noun. It is an action word, something you do. Something we have to hold on to, something we rely on, not just something we believe.