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I have just recently heard a story and i would like to share it with you .It is a story of faith.

There was a train and it was going along the usual route it normally went. There were a lot of passengers and everyone was just having a good chat as they continued on their journey . Along came the conductor and was going along asking people for their tickets.

But he realised that the train had suddenly changed from its normal route onto a different track. He wasnt exactly sure so he decided to have a look out the window just to see if it was different than normal. He was shocked to find that the train was indeed going on a different route . Just before he went to look away from the outside he noticed a sign. "Danger". His heart started to beat a lil faster as he saw another sign. "Live mines on track". He didnt know what to do so he rushed to the train driver and said that he must stop the train..but..when he tried to stop the train the brakes wouldnt work.

The train driver asked the conductor to explain the situation to everyone on the train . So he did just that. Everyone started calling there family and telling them how much they loved them and adults were gripping onto their children. Hugging and kissing them. Crying and screaming.

But there was one little boy who appeared not to know what was going on. He was playing up and down the isle with his ball. So one of the passengers decided to be the one to explain to this little boy that he may not be here for much longer. But to his surprise the boy replied something to him that he would never forget. The little boy replied..

"See this train. My daddy is driving. And he promised he would always get me home."

And sure enough .. the train returned onto it original track ..the brakes just started to work.. but the faith that little boy had in his daddy was so strong. The person that shared this with me has told me this is a true story. I hope this means something to at least one person. It sure touched me . May God bless each and every one of you guys.

oh my gosh, this story is so sweet. but it's true. children have a lot of faith. and God answers! Glory to God for taking care of us at all times. God bless