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Faith to Understand

Faith to Understand

When we come to the Bible where in is written the Holy scriptures, before we can get any understanding of any of it we must first decide no matter what it says I will believe it!! Sometimes we have the attitude that reading the Bible is like going to “Payless shoes” where they are having a “BOGO” (buy one, get one for free) and we try on a pair of shoes, and if they fit, and feel right on our feet we buy them. If when we read scriptures, and if the words do not fit our understanding, we choose not to believe what it says and don't buy it, because it does not make any logical sense in our head!! So, we cherry pick what scripture to believe, and which ones we don't. This is very bad, because all scripture interprets other scripture.

We have this thing going on, that if we don't understand something we read in the bible we discount it as being just a play on words, and pass over it. Understanding will not come until we first believe what it says, and then God will give us understanding. It is never the other way around where we have to understand it first and then believe it. “It is by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God.....” ( Hebrews 11:3) Everything we understand comes by faith. Faith always believes first before understanding comes, because that is how faith works. Jesus once said......

John 7:17 IF ANYONE'S WILL IS TO DO GOD'S WILL, HE WILL KNOW WHETHER THE TEACHING IS FROM GOD or whether I am speaking on my own authority.

The person who does NOT make that decision that he is going to do the will of God will think the words he hears is just from a man!!

No one will know the will of God or understand any of it until that person decides first he is going to believe it, and do it, no matter what it is, and then it will be given to him.

How do I know that it is by “FAITH” we understand the Holy scriptures? Because everything we do, say, or believe, if it is not of, or by faith is a sin!!! everything that is not of faith is sin!!!(Romans14:23)

When the Lord speaks to you, you must have faith, and believe that what he says to you is true, even if it goes completely against your physical logical mind. The Lord will always confirm what he tells you in his Word, and the Holy Spirit will always bear witness to that truth.