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Faith Poam 4 u

Lift up your hands in praise,and let HIM fill your hearts with HIS grace. Talk to HIM,call out HIS name,as you know HE lives again. Beleive in all HEs' said and done,beleive and know HEs' the one. I call on you FATHER,Icome unto you in prayer,I trust, beleive,and know you are there. YOU hear my cries,and see my pain,but through YOU i am renewed.My sins are washed,and i am cleaed.YOU opened my eyes,and now i see.YOU opened my ears and now i hear.YOU knocked on the door to my heart and i let YOU in,For now my house is clean,and now YOU live within.You cleansed me, and died for my sins,then three [3] days latter YOU rose again.YOU acsended into heaven, with the FATHER who cares,YOU left us YOUR spirit for those in despair.We hold onto YOU lord,knowing YOUR comeing is near.We're waiting on the marriage,I want to be ready,Iwant to be there !I know YOU love me, YES,YOU are there.SO thank YOU FATHER,for all YOU've done THANK YOU FATHER FOR YOUR SON. AMEN