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Faith!! Obedience!! Love of Christ!!

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Faith is the belief in things seen and unseen.
We all feel GOD and pray that we are serving HIM to the best of our ability.
Those who are not, can not be surprised at the outcome of their lives if they know they aren't serving right.
Those who know not of GOD will feel a push in a direction through emotions, morals, and other persuasions that GOD will allow them to understand HIM til they truly want love in their lives for everyone; which is only through JESUS CHRIST.
Because whenever HE came into existence, HE is the only who preached LOVE for everyone; which is what the world is looking for in their hearts. Never be ashamed of faith in HIM.

ROMANS 9:30-33
i wonder what right you have to say what one should except from their outcome in life?

Grace and peace unto you.

Here is your question that I copy and pasted:

i wonder what right you have to say what one should except from their outcome in life?

even if I wanted to answer it, I couldn't, because there's no place in my post that said anyone should except anything??
did you mean ACCEPT or EXCEPT??
let me know, then I can help you understand.
Because if you mean ACCEPT, then I still didn't use that word.
Putting Both words in my post would come out to a very different meaning.

As far as any authority/right that any believer has, never forget:
2 TIMOTHY 3:16-17:
All scripture is GOD-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the manor GOD may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Love of Christ to you in all things.
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Grace and peace.
Only the WORD can tell us this, and that's for those that believe in it, and as a believer in the WORD, it hasn't lied yet.

Even with that being said.
You misunderstood my thread.

This is only the bible.
Never take a messenger of the WORD ( which are believers and unconsciously non believers; for those who can see with a spiritual eye how all creation is used) as a personal message unless it's directed that way or the message fits.
It avoids misunderstandings.

A messenger also eventually has to adhere or face the message they are being used to send/preach.
This message I was used for is the passage GOD used me to post, and here are other ones if you want to look it up:

MATTHEW 24:45-51
and there are more...but these are saying the same.

Grace and peace in the love of Jesus.

Also I pray that the next time you have an issue or question in defense of anything that in dealing with humans we follow the gospel.
GOD has people realize in different times in life that people love a debate/challenge.

But we have to ask if that's what GOD wants, cuz HE is the authority.
I, posted with no questions, only in edification, so please read:

MATTHEW 18:15-17
“If your brother or sister sins,go and point out their fault, just between the two of you.
If they listen to you, you have won them over.
But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’
If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

Please contact me privately if you have ever have any other question, debate, issue, or misunderstanding when you see me post ( and I pray others as well). You are not the first GOD has had me say this to, and I'm sure not the last, as I had to learn this as well.
This obedience is so crucial to faith growth in GOD through Jesus Christ.
When we don't do this, then, it can easily cause division between believers.
unfortunately had to answer you here because of you open approach.
I pray GOD covers all eyes with the blood of Jesus and people see the love of Christ in this post and this discussion.

If you are not a believer, then disregard the passages.
If you are please obey for the future( as well as other believers).
Following the Word with faith in GOD through Jesus Christ, and guided by the Holy spirit, brings a lot of love.

Grace and peace to you and all in the holy precious name of Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever and ever!! Amen!!

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