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Faith dimming away...

Hi all in the beautiful name of our brother Jesus Christ!

I've got a friend that needs your prayers urgently. This young man is really someone special, he had a faith I had never seen anywhere else. The problem though is that things have become even worse for him. His entire life his parents have always been negative towards him, never having anything positive to say. Even at his job he gets negativity. All he wants is to hear GOD speak to him again. The non-stop negativity has become somewhat of a catalyst in his faith dimming out.

All I ask from you my brothers and sisters, is that you pray for this young man and that GOD can reveal His true love for this young man. He has such a great love for others but never seem to be receiving any from others, except his friends. He feels that GOD has forgotten about him and and says GOD wants nothing to do with him. I believe he needs love in his life and that he should receive it from GOD... a GODLY LOVE that satisfies fully!

He is such a great person as is everyone of us. He use to be an excellent leader when it came to faith and right now, it looks as if every bad and negative thing is driving him further away from where he could get his love.

I have prayed and have seen improvement and therefore need more of my brothers and sisters to pray for him as well so that we all agree on this matter and this young man be brought back inside GOD's righteous right hand.

I thank you my family!
You will be BLESSED for your time and prayers!
What you sow is what you reap... sow happiness and that is what you will receive... IN JESUS' NAME!

GOD BLESS!!!:boy_hug:
I will be praying for your friend. I also pray his parents will see the good that he does and not just the negatives.

you sis in Christ.
Lord, I come in agreement with DrInGeNd regarding his friend. Fill his friend up to overflowing with your perfect love for him! Continue to bring Godly friends and other Godly reminders into his pathway so that he might see the overwhelming proof of your love for him! Send your angels to form a protective hedge around this man so that the enemy cannot infiltrate it with his hateful words and influences...in Jesus name! Restore his joy, love and faith in you, Father! Bring his focus back squarely on you, Lord, so that he may continue to bring others to you! Please bless DrInGeNd for his love and conern for his friend. For your name's sake and your glory, Lord, we ask all these things in the mighty name of JESUS...AMEN!
Thanks to all of you my brothers and sisters that have read and prayed for my friend and those that replied I thank you too for your concern and prayers. GOD IS GOOD!!! It's going much better with my friend and he also wishes to thank you so from my brother a great huge hug of thanks and I know you all will be BLESSED for what you've done out of love!

Whenever you guys and girls need prayer please feel free... thats what we are here for and thank you that I could and still can count on you!

GOD BLESS and JESUS' Love!:star:
Praying for your friend and for the Lord to draw him Near.

Praising God for blessing him with a great friend like you.
DrInGeNd said:
GOD IS GOOD!!! It's going much better with my friend
PRAISE GOD, DrInGeNd! Love to see the Lord's working in another brother's or sister's life! Thanks for the praise report...ALL GLORY TO GOD! YES!!!