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Fairly Funny

A man was caught in a flood. Two men came by in a boat to rescue him, but he waved them away shouting "NO THE LORD WILL SAVE ME". One hour later another boat came along, but again the man said "NO THE LORD WILL SAVE ME". Eventually, a helicopter arrived but the man insisted, "THE LORD WILL SAVE ME". Unfortunately the man drowned and at the gates of heaven he asked St Peter, "Why didn't the Lord save me?" and St Peter replied...........
for crying out loud, he sent two boats and a helicoptor, what more do you want?!!!!
A family invited the pastor home for Sunday lunch. They seated him in the living room and had their six year old keep him company while they set the table and finished the meal. The pastor could smell the aroma of the food and asked the little boy, "Jimmy, do you know what we are having for lunch?" Jimmy replied, "Yes, sir...we are having goat." "Goat?" the pastor asked. Jimmy then replied, "Yes, I heard dad tell mom...it's about time we had the old goat for lunch."


That was soooooooo funny..... I have to tell that one to my pastor...

Thank you for sharing it!

God Bless You!

Love ya'
Jenn :rose: