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Fair Trade



im not sure about other countries, but fair trade is becoming an increasingly big concern in britain...for those who dont no wot it is...fair trade is giving a fair deal to farmers and producers in third world countries for their products (things like frsh fruit, coffee, chocolate, and even footballs) instead of taking advantage of them, and paying little, meaning they hav more income = better life. this is why fair trade things cost more than others, because they are FAIR! you can buy fairtrade things from oxfam, sum supermarkets and sum other places like christian shops...there are already 49 countries who are taking up fairtrade, and hopefully soon it will be a regular part of life for us all...and workers will be treated fairly, with respect...and on top of all that...
IT TASTES BETTER TOO! (the food not the footballs :p)

for more information the website is [edited by Yeshua: links used only with permission] , the official stamp is on there, so u can no wen u r buying genuine fair trade :D

i hope this will make u think twice in the shops, and instead of getting normal chocoalte or sumthin, u buy fairtrade, that wud b really kool... :thumbs_up

most ppl will prob read this and just ignore it, so plz plz take notice and dont buy normal things wen u can get fair trade, it is important, and ppls lives rest on the decision, thank you

keep it kool
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wow thats really sounds great...
mybe that will help the third world countries a bit more to have a better life...
that would really be great...:D

god bless
Hi, Tim,

good to hear, that you invest yourself to populize Fair Trade! We Christians need to act, God will ask us at the end of times: What have you done with your talents, I've given to you?!

You know, that every 3 seconds a person is dying because of hunger! In my life did die also 368 Mio people!!! Several Mio unborn babies are killed every year. Every second are 100 trees in the rainforest cut or per year 42 % of the area of Germany!

We know the destruction and the murdering and killing and the numbers of dying people!!! I think, the churches and the christians are called to act in face of this numbers!

If all christian churches would start a campagne, something like we make this world a better place-campagne, you know, than things could be changed! But someone has to start!

A really famous german-jewish writer: Else Lasker-Schüler once wrote: "As long as there is one child in the world hungry, God disclaims any Synagoge / church. I think, that I'm saying this in the name of God!"

You know, even Jesus has sayed: what you have done to one of these of my lowest, you have done to me, ... and what you haven't done to them, you haven't done to me!

We know all these crimes against humanity in the world, we have to act! We don't can be quiete! We know the crimes! Like in my country, as the Nazis reigns, there have been the most quiete, only some hundrets did open theire mouth and most of them were killed! But these people have been the people, who held up the pride of humanity! They did act against the crime of the regimen! They were the martyres!

We gotta talk about this topic and try to do something! We have to inform the publicity and the neighbours! Information leads to reaction and then to action!



I'm familiar with fairtrade and I have started to see more products in the supermarkets in England with the fair trade circular symbol with a person holding their arm up. Still there needs to be more manufacturers getting involved however. Our local bible and trinket store sources all of its products very carefully and has many of them with the fairtrade logo.

We have a table selling fairtrade products biscuits, health bars etc at our church hall gathering, after the Sunday Church service, that I always buy from (a tasty something to dunk in my cup of tea)! Fairtrade also have a website if anyone is interested to find out more. The organisation are always looking for volunteers or you could just show your support by purchasing the fairtrade products.

May God help this great project to grow.
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thank you all for your replies, it is an important subject and awareness needs to be raised, so yeh plz plz buy fairtrade! u get lots of self satisfaction too!

wow thats really sounds great...
mAybe that will help the third world countries a bit more to have a better life...
and more money and rid thier countires of sweat shops :thumbs_up
i love fairtrade dubble bars! they are awesome! actually all fairtrade chocolate is! so is most of there food. they do nice gifts too!
! the bangles were a big trend in our school after a fairtrade event in the sixth form. if u can buy it, i really encourage you to do so. not only is it doing good for the developing world but it also tatses/looks/is really good too!
They do great Christmas cards and very very nice coffee.

Plus chocolate yum yum :thumbs_up