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Facsimile of First Edition of 1611 KJV online

Hi guys,
Came across this facsimile of the first (1611 AD) edition ("editio princeps") of the Authorised Version (KJV) of the Bible online, and I thought I'd share the link with all of you. If the AV is one of your favourite editions, or if you simply love God's holy writ like I do, then you should look at this. This is a very important document in the history of modern religion. Most protestant churches (except continental European branches) have, at some stage, used this version of the bible in their worship and at home. Enjoy it. =)

[edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission].

By the way, you just use the divisions bar to select which book you want to read (the 1611 edition contained the apocrypha, which was removed in 1613). To scroll through the pages, you use the arrows below the divisions bar. And, finally, to zoom in or out, you use the "image size" buttons to the right of the divisions bar.

God be with all of you.
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