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Facing The Truth

Staff Member
Facing The Truth - August 20, 2005

While paying last respects at my brother Nick's wake, several people approached me to not only offer condolences, but to inquire about conflicting information concerning the cause of his death. Upon stating the reason, I was glared at by a family member who overheard, and immediately pulled aside and chastised. Someone neglected to inform me that this truth was now a taboo subject to be avoided at all cost.

While some family members preferred or agreed to hide the truth about the root cause of my brother's demise, I believed this was a deception and dishonor I could not be part of. My reasons were simple. The first is that lying goes against God's commandments. The second is, my brother was a very kind and generous soul. At no time can I recall him purposely hurting someone. As my faith allows me to accept that Nick is now with God, I firmly believe that being in this Divine presence, not only blankets my brother in peace and love, but in truth and light. As such, I believe that the alcoholism my brother was in dark denial of on the earth, he now has full understanding of in heaven. Knowing the loving person Nick was, I believe he would not want others to be hurt by the same addiction which caused his premature death.

If my brother could speak from the presence of heaven now, I believe he would say, "Look at what happened to me. Don't let this happen to YOU. Learn from my death, and let my parting from this world hold meaning."

Sometimes it is difficult to come face to face with our chains of bondage, whatever they may be, but as the Bible relays, "The truth shall set you free." John 8:32

I speak about my own past broken chains in my book, "Ecstatic Living/Ecstatic Loving," because it is this same line of thinking that has allowed me to, as the familiar saying goes, "make lemonade out of lemon situations." In other words, out of our mistakes, we can profess Christ's merciful forgiveness of our own repented lapses in judgment, and show others how God can help make even the most crooked paths straight.

Whether it is an addiction to smoking, drinking, drugs, pornography or something else which clouds, distorts and pushes us farther away from our divine calling, God does not wish for us to be in physical, emotional and spiritual bondage. Let us learn from the mistakes of others, reaping wisdom from misfortune, and strength from adversity, so that our own lives may be blessed.

Today is the day to take a good hard look at your own life, to see truth for what it is, and to call out to God for His mercy and strength so that you can truly be set free and know the peace and joy that our Creator has in store for His children.

If this Daily Wisdom has helped you in any way, I would love to hear from you.

I know my brother is now with God, but what about you? Are you sure about your relationship to your Creator, or is today the day for you to call out to your Maker so that you may start in His family anew?

Contributed by Melanie Schurr (Copyright (c)2005 Melanie Schurr)

That was a good piece, thanks for sharing it with everyone.

This one hits mike and I all to close, We too, stood in that very sitution August 16th 2000. Some in the family wanted to hide their heads in the sand and not talk about the taboo. One because many were still held in the bondage of alcoholism, and sadly didn't see how it cut this funny, loving, beautiful young woman's life soooo, short (34 years old). Some sadly couldn't face other people and say the truth because of the shame.

We chose another path. The Word says we overcome by the word of our testimony. The Lord delivered Mike from alcoholism a very long time ago. I thank Jesus for that all the time. Mike shares it with all who will listen. To whom much has been given, much is expected. We must never forget what God has delivered us from. When we share what Jesus has done for us, we give others hope. Not to mention it strengthens who we are in Christ Jesus.

Mike did share with his sister, She prayed with him and accepted Jesus,but could not break the bondages of the alcohol. We find comfort in knowing she is with the Lord. We miss her dearly and are sadden that even after this heart ache. We have to continue to watch another sister and brother take the same road. Knowing we could be standing in that same place again. We also stand in the hope that our Lord will step in before it is to late. They refuse to listen, so we stand back in prayer and leave them in the hands of our heavenly Father.

In the mean time we will never forget to share with all who will listen, what Jesus has done for us, and what happened to his sister.

I pray people will shout from the roof tops, what Jesus has done for them. Too many christians who the Lord has delivered and fixed up, go on their merry way and never look back. I know we all want to put that part of our lives behind us. I know I look back and can't believe Mike was ever in that place. God has done such a mighty work in him. He was in that place that many are in now. They need the hope that God is real and does still do miracles in peoples lives. They need to know what God has done for you.

Silence is a killer!

Love your sister in Christ
AlabasterBox :girl:

Staff Member
Silence is indeed a killer. It is important to share our bondages with others who we can trust so they can pray for us and GOD give us healing by the name Jesus Christ.

I've had my shares including lust and smoking, even a bit of drinkin (although not bondage but more "party" abuse) many years back. By GOD's grace I have been set free through Jesus Christ.