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Facing huge resistance..

Hi All,
I'm in need of prayer for me and my family. Some of what I'm writing is a little out there so be kind.

Not long after becoming Christians in 2004 me and my wife really felt that the Lord was wanting us to become missionaries and go to the Philippines. The Lord has also given me some clear vision about becoming an evangelist and having a healing ministry in the near future.

We've sold our home and are living with my inlaws in their basement and I've been rejected by my entire family to the point where they have literally given up on us because they are unbelievers and believe we are absolutely insane Well, we've forgiven and have moved on but now things have gotten strange. I started praying over my family at night because my wife can't sleep most nights without prayer. She swears that she gets glimps of a little black devil in the room. Ok .. this may be hard to believe but the odd time her parents and her cousin upstairs will hear and see these things and some of them are non-believers. One night my inlaws woke up because each heard their themselves being called and it sounded like their son. We've also been facing financial problems that keep popping up out of nowhere.

We are facing lots of resistance and we could really use prayer...

Your brother in Christ,

I will be praying for you, your wife, and your family. Hopefully your family will come to know our Savior. I pray God will help you with your financial problems as well. God bless you and you family.
your sis in Christ, Julie.:love:
If you want to truly follow Christ, expect things to get a whole lot stranger than that my Brother lol ;) God is teaching you to trust Him, and preparation to 'go', even after God has called you, can take months, sometimes years. You must use this time to get grounded in the Word, and fasting and prayer (I trust you know this already)
From the prophets of old until the present time, those who who were mighty men of God, were first and foremost mighty men of prayer, who knew how to get alone with God. That is where the power of every child of God always has been and still is!

But as for the resistance of the enemy, you only have to make use of the power Christ has already given you, and tell the demons to scram and not to come back! :)

Luk 10:18 And Jesus said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto you power ...over all the power of the enemy
Thank you for the prayers!

Things have calmed down for now it seems. Thanks for the encouragement Coconut, I appreciate it.

God Bless,

Praying for you and your loved ones. The Lord is faithful and will provide. Praying for your safety and focus in God's will.
Sheep, May Christs love and grace shine into your life and the lives of those around you . Remember you are an emmisary for His glory now and forever

Faithfully your brother in Christ,
Staff Member
Sorry for late response. Your in my prayers tonight brother. Glad to hear the better news also. God bless and be faithful.
I also am sorry for my late response... you and your family are in my prayers.. Did you do a prayer walk ? Where ya walked thru the whole house?

I also understand the feeling of family thinking your nuts..alot of mine think I am too..
Thanks again for your prayers. I told my pastor what was happenning and he gave me some anointing oil and I walked through and prayed over the house. No ones seen or heard anything bad since. Praise God!

God Bless,

Thank God the strange evil has fled!

Concerning everyone in your family thinking your nuts, mine think that too; except, for my dad who got saved when he was in the Navy, many moons ago, before I was born.

Believe in the power of the name of "Jesus Christ" and ask the Lord to "rebuke Satan" for you when you encounter strange evils. That's what I do and the Lord delivers me out of all my troubles, every time!

Love, joy and peace unto you, in the Lord, always,

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