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eyes opened

Something that I have learnt today.

I had a terrible argument with a very special good friend yesterday and hurt this friend's feelings tremendously. We were very angry at each other. It hurt real bad. Realising my mistake, I tried my utmost best to apologize and kept on trying until this friend will forgive me for what I have done.

I wrote previously that I did not have a reason to live and could not reconcile with God. I looked for anwers everywhere and could not find the right ones I needed. I was guilt ridden and thought God will never be able to forgive me.

I have realised, that am actually the problem. i will move mountains to have my friend forgive me, but I am not willing to do that with the Lord. I wanted some miracle solution.

This morning at work it hit me like a lightning bolt. I am sad because I might have lost a friend and are trying everything to save a friendship. Why have I been blind. I have a friend in Jesus and must keep on trying to reconcile with the Lord. I must be willing to move the mountains for Him too! I must never give up. I must keep on trying and trying. Jesus is my friend and He wants me to be His friend too. So the same effort I put in a earthly friendship, I must put in the friendship with my Heavenly Father (even more, cause He will never forsake me). A friendship works from 2 sides. Jesus has done His part, now it is my turn to do my part.

This terrible experience with my friend has actually opened my eyes and give me a new vision in life. It give me the strength to carry on, TO LIVE.

Staff Member
Amen sister! Praise the Lord for His mighty works. The Holy Spirit is moving through you and will help you in your walk of faith, your relationship with GOD

If you need anything please ask!
Wow great experience estelle. . .God really showed you the only way you would learn how to deal with this problem you had. . .Good Job on the listening and doing. . .first step taken. . .you let us know . . .thank you very much for that :love:

God bless your walk and carry you sweet sister :love: Congratulations on the miracle
Many times GOD gets our attention by using bad things to bring us to HIMSELF. It is all for our good and HIS glory...(Romans 8:28)...and HE tells us HE is a "freind that sticketh closer than a brother."...(Proverbs 18:24) Trying on your part will wear you down, but give it to GOD and allow HIM to restore fellowship with HIMSELF and your friend. I'm sure it will happen...GBU!!!