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expression of words

In this awesome form, words cannot identify the person, we cannot see the expression of the person. When are talking to our family, they can see our face, with our words, they see when we are happy and we are sad, we have wrinkles when are happy, and wrinkles when we are sad.

When I text or when I write a letter I show my emotion, I may give drama, a story, and books are very powerful, just like here on this form.
Books of words expression of the person in this form, that when you or I gather our words together and made a book of our expression, now all we need now I wee need is wrinkles when we are happy, and wrinkles when we are sad
o_O :worried: :laughing: :sob: :tired_face: :pensive: :confounded: :p :eek: :scream: :rolleyes: :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes:
That makes you and me, our expression of our character