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Experience learned from another forum..

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I want to praise our Father for getting me past a dark experience with a "spiritual chat forum"..I happened to stumble across this last weekend and did not realize that when I shared with others about Jesus Christ, this was not well received, in fact I was accused of pushing Christianity unto others..I also was aware that the muslims, hindus, atheists, buddhas, were all cordially with each other, "hey, you worship your god and I will worship mine" attitude..really felt a dark atmosphere in this forum..I lost sleep thinking about this for a couple of days and God reveiled to me was that I was hanging on to hurt pride (see the expression on my face in the top left corner) that I did my part, what I could do, reaching out to others, even in a chat forum, and He will do the rest..He needed me to get my rest, and continue with my responsibilities..I received support and scripture reading from Talk Jesus family and that really humbled me..Thanks for reading my testimony report..
Oh Yes you have to watch these people who use the word "spiritual" because many times that does NOT mean Christian ( or it would say Christian or mention Jesus ). There are lots of false gods - they are all idols. " Before me there was no god formed neither shall there be after me. I even I am the Lord and beside me there is no savior." (Isa. 43:10-11)." ..unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear." (Isa 45:23) Praise be to OUR Lord!!! All glory to Him!! \o/
Blessed by my brethern and sisters in the name of Christ I wish peace and good will to you all this day.
Hi all,
Lately i have studied with an individual from here, forgiveness. All i know about forgiveness was shot down when i got deep into the word of our Heavenly Father.
Bob...i forgive you anything that may be in the air between you and i brother. I love you deeply in Christ as i do others in here.
Recently i ran instead of being forgivefull.
I wont mention the hurt or cause of any past idol talk that was heard or gossiped between parties ..i just want to forgive.
Worry is not a part of me any longer.. i love Chad, Bod and Brothersinarms. and i WILL NOT let the enemy stand between a heavenly love i have for all of you.
Forgiveness is a powerful thing. If God can send his only Son to be torn apart , spit upon, whipped, beaten, cursed at...mocked and left to die as an act of forgiveness..i think i can let go and let God ,,and be a bigger man than the enemy and say..forgive me and i forgive all of you any past present or future hurts we or i cause.
Forgive and forget as our Father has done to our past present and future sins.
Let not words of evil stand in the way of love and good kindness between us.
May we now in Christ be forgiven.
I love you all so deeply.
Strypes says hi......our sister in christ.....an example of forgiveness...do you have that kind of forgiveness in you?
Staff Member
Please do not come here expressing what 'strypes' said or not brother. You have not a single hint of the things she has done harassing me nor will I let history repeat again. I know her tactics and by now yours too. I have everyones' emails saved and logged, I know how you feel and what you've said about others.

Thread is closed. No gimiicks or pagan tricks welcomed to Talk Jesus. I'm no fool and I know how these cliches have been acting. Very maniplulative.

You have come many times to post only about strypes and her fraud forgiveness. Did you read every email she sent me?

Welcome to Talk Jesus (to respectful members). Everyone else part of the cliche, goodbye.
Not open for further replies.