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Example Witness

How to be a witness for Jesus when everyone you asks (knows) Him...

Praise God for a restless night and continued in prayer because some things were enlightened.

Hey, do you know Jesus?

Well, yes I do.

Praise God brother, can you give me some words of encouragement today?

Put God first; be as wise as a serpeant and as harmless as a dove. Amen

I know I have heard folks talk about this very thing on here. And have pondered it in my heart myself; most everyone you will ask the question Hey, do you know Jesus? Will say yes. So give them the ball and be the listener and not the know All about Him talker.

People get revelation and just want to share the good news.

Just try it; most will admit they don't know Him near enough.

All praise glory and honor be unto God Amen
Jesus always asked "questions" to his followers, and every question he asked he already knew the answer before they said anything. This was how the Lord taught. Sometimes it is better to ask questions, and leave it up the the Holy Spirit to give the answer to those whom you ask. People are more willing to believe what the Holy Spirit reveals to them then for a person to just tell them the answer!!! "Who do men say that I the Son of man is? :)

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