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Ex Occultist's Testimony

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For many years I was a practising occultist. I read Tarot cards, used Ouija boards & had a fully equipped temple at home to practice ritualistic high magic.
Then then one day I realised I wasn't carrying out the rituals for myself anymore, it was something I had to do - a bit like being addicted to a drug, so decided to stop, but when I did life became a nightmare and an onslaught of terrifying spiritual and poltergeist activity began in our home that affected my whole family.

After months of this I didn't know what to do and out of desperation went to my local Anglican church, where I was shocked how much the vicar understood about what I'd been doing, and even more so that he knew how to deal with it! After several meetings with the vicar and, also the official deliverance minister (who had been sent by the bishop), I was dramatically set free and saved.

After I was saved, I asked to be baptised there and then and was immediately Born Again following which something amazing happened. For some reason God decided to bless me with a miracle and the only way I can explain it is that a complete musical of words, music and Biblical passages seemed be downloaded into me over the three days that followed. I was a musician, but I'd never really written words to songs before and certainly didn't know the Bible, but words just kept coming to me with tunes that I was just singing into a portable tape recorder. I also felt the urge to open the bible the vicar had given me and just write down the first passage I saw, then after three days it was complete. When this was all laid out the songs told my story, but through someone else’s eyes, and the Bible passages linked each song perfectly.

My vicar was quite overwhelmed by this and introduced me to members of a neighbouring church that had a drama team and we put together a stage musical that was toured around the UK, which also got me interviewed on national TV on the subject.

Many years later in 2006, I was prompted to record the musical as a radio drama and as soon as it was completed (and still not known by anyone how this came about) I was contacted by a Christian music outreach organisation in India asking if we would perform extracts at some shows in India. After a lot of prayerful consideration, I said yes and got a team together. Unbeknown to us, these were the biggest Christian events in India at that time with thousands of people attending, and one of the shows was televised and broadcast live throughout the Middle East and Asia. It's amazing how God will use you if you let Him into your life though Jesus.

Since the recording was released, I know that thousands of people have heard the message of Jesus and found escape from the occult as I have received so much correspondence from around the world about it. Then recently I felt prompted to make it into a film, which will be the next stage, but in the meantime, I have added to video to the soundtrack and put it on YouTube.

Please spare the time and set aside an hour to watch/listen to Into The Light in one complete session. Believe me it’s not light-hearted entertainment, but a very powerful message of truth, and if you know anyone who is affected by the occult, send them the link as I know it will lead them on the way to salvation. You will find Into The Light at the following link. Thank you for reading this and God Bless: