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Ex-Girlfriend Problem

Staff Member
I dealt with a serious situation for 6 months. I met a girl online in September who 2 weeks while driving to meet her for the first time she called me later told me she had cancer. We never met at all (5 hrs apart). The wholetime I thought she had cancer and sent her roses and gifts. I woke up 6:30am every morning to wake her up just thinking she was actually going to the doctors. I find out suddenly on Valentine's Day that she was lying the wholetime about everything. Sick headed woman. Thanks to Jesus Christ I managed (ok somewhat but still) to control my temper and outcome. I was certinly stuck hard like never before in my life but it showed me a few things that I did not understand previously. If it weren't to GOD I probably would have actually driven to Pennsylvania to hurt her physically. That was extremely wicked what she did to me but thanks be to GOD I was able to heal dramatically faster than I could ever imagine. I feel pretty good now even though I'm still naturally furious at her.
Formerly Adiaglow
I'm so sorry you went through that...what could've provoked her to do that?! My goodness. I remember you speaking of her...I'm glad that you're getting through it ok, sweetheart. God bless you, & I will pray for her, that he will work on her. <3