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Evidence is everywhere

I often wonder how anyone can ignore the evidence that The Living God created all that is in existance. I know that satan blinds hearts and minds, but look all around you. I know very little about science, but think about some facts. The earth is exactly far enough away from the sun to be heated and cooled as needed for human life. Earth is the only planet with the right combination of water, vegatation and animals for food. Every body part serves a purpose: hair keeps your head warm, eyelashes keep dust,etc. out of your eyes, the pupils of our eyes adjust to light, the human ear is designed to receive and process sound, the complexity of the nervous, digestive and respiratory systems. All of this came to be by accident or some other crazy theory? The evidence is everywhere! God is amazing!
Yup, GOD's Work is everywhere, and yes the devil will confused people. Look at dariwn, dude woke up one day, Satan trick him and millions fell for darwins tricks. Mr. Darwin is a false teacher , what a shame.

Everything in this world is too complex just to happen by change.

Jesus is Lord and there's nothing Darwin can do about it!!!!

I happen to be studying apologetics and the professors say that there are more scientist who previously supported the theory of evolution, now do not, do to the recent dicoveries of the falsified evidence on which the theory was based on. Every piece of evidence used to support evolution has been found to be a fraud, fossils were manufactured, so on and so on.
Many scientist now believe that the evidence points to a Creator and that the Bible is an accurate account of creation and historical events.
Einstein said the greatest mistake in his life was trying to prove a creator was not needed to create the universe. He said it turned him to believe in a god, but not a "personal one".
I wasted my time trying to witness to the atheists on another Christian forum, but it came down to them not seeing evidence of Christ. Finally, after a couple other questions (and a long, needed break from that forum) what it came down to was that they TOO were living by faith that they were right. I stopped there, haven't gone back and have no plans to.
Jesus told hias disciples to dust the dirt from their feet in protest to people who won't follow His word. Peter and Barnabas did what He said in Acts. That's exactly what I did, saying so in one of my final posts to them. Of course, i'm sure they got a big laugh amongst themselves over that one.
Jesus told Thomas, "Because you have seen you believe. Greatest are those who have NOT seen and believe". (John 20:29). LOVE that verse!!
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Very true III3. Its amazing that people are blind enough to not see the proof in their own breath of life, each and every day. The proof of GOD's glory AND grace is so obvious.
I hope you people won't mind when I revive this thread that is so old...
It is all so true that the evidence of God is everywhere, however I have the experiece that if the good will is missing no fact/evidence will help. Similary as Tar Hollow camper, I've been discussing religious topics with nonbelievers, already for many months on another forum (it's not a Christian or religious forum but there is one long-time-surviving thread about these things) and we always manage to lead the debates in a peaceful and friendly way. But I just see that they are so convinced to be right that they aren't willing at all to reconsider their conviction and realize that things may be different.
I would like to tell you about a good site: reasons.org. Especially for those who are interested in natural sciences since there are many articles of them. The authors are Christians who concern themselves with finding supports for the Bible in the facts of science. I know that many atheists think that Christians are ignorants whose beliefs contradics reality but that site provides reasons why to believe that Christianity and the Bible are TRUE.
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Amen: God is the creator of life, in whom we live and breathe. I was just thinking how much evidence, God has left behind sence the begining. Even Noah's flood shows us, and scientist... that the world was one time under water. Some believe that it was the flood, that made the earth to look so old.The evidence of creation is everywhere, and we should use it in our witnessing, Paul did. Who told the plant that there was wind?... some plants use the wind to scatter their seeds, by making them with wings and little parachute shaped seeds, that the wind blows around. A burdock makes its seed so anyone or anything that walks to close to it... even a bird, it will stick to it and go for a ride. Also many animals spead seed by eating its fruit and so on, they carry it away to eat it later and such. God has all things working together for the good of the planet:star: No wonder Paul said, O man you are without an excuse...

God bless
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