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Everyone has a job in ministry NUMBERS 8 to 12

PARASHA BaHa´alatcha

NUMBERS 8:1 to 12:16...............ZECH 2:10 to 4:7......1 COR 10:6 to 13

Shabbat shalom to all, today the church had an open air movie so that the people in the streets could sit down and watch, a few came to stay, the movie ¨ WAR ROOM was good, about spiritual warfare. Yesterday I met with Major General Nunez and he will get things going so I can serve two weeks as chaplain with the Armed Forces in July. There was a Military ceremony, for the troops returning from Haiti, Malil, and Lebanon, peace keeping forces supported by the UN. The lizards that chirp like birds are gekos I was told. All houses have them here in El Salvador, they get in somehow, but they eat mosquitos, so they can stay and chirp all they want to.

This weeks Parasha deals with lighting the menorah, anointing the Levites, celebrating Passover and following HaShem. Remember that the menorah was the only light in the Kadosh place, and in the Kadosh Kedoshim, the ¨HOLY OF HOLIES¨¨ it was the Shekinah glory itself, Adonai himself lit up the room, the Menorah reminds us that Yeshua is the Light of the World. He lights up the dark places and when there is light, there is no more darkness, He is the Living Torah, which lights our lives, with his WORD, so that the darkness of ignorance, of Torahlessness, dissappears.

As the Levites were anointed for service, so we also are anointed to serve, we are all considered ¨cohenim Gadolim´ high priests before our living YHVH, we have been all kadoshed in order to service, with our spiritual gifts, we have a life long calling, As the levites had specific jobs to do, so do all believers in ministry, there are jobs, callings, through the Holy Spirit, to serve in ministry

For those who could not celebrate Passover because they were either unclean or away from the congregation could celebrate it a month later on the same date, We serve a wonderful God who understands situations, and makes arrangements for those situations, so we should all remember that, if for some reason we miss the 14th of Nissan, we can celerate Passover the following month, but we remember that Yeshua is our Passover Lamb, who is to be remembered every day of the year.

Following Adonai, when the cloud was lifted, the congregation moved and followed the cloud. That is our calling as well, we are to follow where ever the LORD leads us, He will put people in our tracks that guide us, as well as circumstances, events, etc. We should be sensitive to our calling and following HaShem,

ZECH 2:10 to 4:7

¨the LORD says; sing and rejoice daughter of Zion because I am coming and will dwell in the midst of you. many nations will join that day and they will be my people, and I will dwell in the midst of you

What a promise, many nations today are coming to Yeshua and are being planted in the olive tree to be part of that tree, and to be called AM ADONAI the people of God, it started out with the 12 tribes of Israel and now God´s family has expanded to include ALL of those who are CALLED, no matter what country you are part of.

1 CORINTHIANS 10: 6 to 13

Rav Shaul talks to the Kehilah at Corinth about complaining, among other things, many of us are doing the ´¨Grumble, Grumble, grumble, groan, we always find things to complain about, with the Israelites in the wilderness, they were blessed with mana bread, yet they wanted meat, thoughts going back to Egypt where they had fish, leeks, onions, garlic, (guess you can imagine their breath) yet they forgot that they were slaves, was food more important than their freedom? Adonai gave them meat, yet a plague followed, it gets down to the saying I once heard from Rex Humbard YOU MAY GET WHAT YOU WANT, BUT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT WHAT YOU GET. something to think about,

lets give thanks to God for what He has given us already, it isn´t a sin to ask for more, but we must always settle for HIS PERFECT WILL and thank him in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, and what we have, for He knows our needs, and will supply us with our needs, and even at times, our wants, all in his riches in glory

Shabbat Shalom.......Rabbi Ben Avraham,
San Salvador, El Salvador

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