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Everyday we hear about teens dying

Ok, when I was 15; I was living in Quakertown, PA and my two friends Lori Ann Miller (17) died of an heartache (she smokes cigarettes) we went to two middle schools (Milford & Strayer Middle School) and also high school (Quakertown Community Senior High School). We also went to the tech school called Upper Bucks Vocational Technical School. She was next door to me in nursing and I was in computer class but it was odd not to see her in school anymore and one day I walked over there next door and asked what happened to her she said she passed away. She was in the paper and at the high school we went to. Ok, my friend John Orr smoked glade on train tracks in Quakertown, PA and he went to school at Pennridge High School but his two friends was there and they didn't do anything about it they just let him do that; he was also in tech school with me and Lori. John was also 17. Ever since than everyone that is about to graduate high school ends up dead and it is weird and sad. Also my two teachers that knew John was acting funny towards me.

Love, Diana31483

Lori Ann Miller
John Orr

(Love Ya Always)

So what do you think we should do about this so the kids can graduaute
high school without dying! (15-18 years old)
Start a just say no club . The just say no club is a club that teachs kids about drugs & smoking & etc.
It is sad that this is happening, My best friends best friend that I met once died of a major car crash. She was killed instantly so it wasn't painful or anything but it's still amazing that she was only 16, only a junior in high school. I agree that maybe a just say no club could work, you could give your testimony's of your friends and factual information that could help. But perhaps it was just their time and that's how they sort of chose to go. God works in mysterious ways. Perhaps it was their time to go and He did it that way so that you could use it for future teens. Try praying about. God Bless you and good luck!