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Every Single Part Of Me!

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My eyes watch everything which is seen
they marvel and wonder at the Lord's creation
They say Lord God I praise thee
all things you made so beautifully

Then my ears, my ears say O Lord I hear your voice
what could ever take your place
I can hear the earths shout
they yell JESUS with all their might

And my tongues and my lips
they glorify God with every word and phrase
they shout and sing hallelujah
sanctify us as you did Isaiah

And my teeth, it smiles with my cheek
everytime it thinks of the Lord's return which is quick
they yell together I can't help but to blush when I see your grace
you manage to put a smile to my face

Then my heart, it dances, dances arround so hard
at times i fear it has stopped to pump the blood
it yells prince, prince
oh how I love thee Jesus

Then my kidneys take it from there
they sing the sweetest song to he father
oh glorious God, holy one
how marvelous to be yours and yours alone

And my hands in the air they stretch
they want to offer everything that they touch
they swing, fold then relax
they long to feel the prince

My legs, my legs they jump up high
they want to reach the sky
they yell, oh ye who is mighty
all glory be to thee

And so all parts of me sing
my liver, pancreas, stomach and lung
they are forever more happy and glad
to have been made with a wonderful hand!