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Everlasting Love

Ever lasting love

my love for you is beyond what you can imagin.
my love is as preciouse as each breath you take.
I shall come into your life if only you should ask
a gift it may be, but this gift will not grow old
it may not rust
it may not mold
it may not ever be a year younger as time goes on
you can not boast for such a thing
look beyond what the people of your time say
what they do
and look deep into my eyes and say "yes"
do not fear for the fear is only a man made thing
when you say yes I shall come into your heart like a rushing stream
and clean out all the dirt you have grown to have for years
and I shall take that dirt and give you my clothes
so that you may be clean
I shall wait for you
because I love.
Love is patient
and I shall wait for you
love is kind
Kindly I will talk to you
it is not proud
you are my creation I say it is good
it is not rude
when your time comes I will be there
it is not self seeking
Do not seak for I am right here
it is not easily angered
No matter what you say or do I will always love you
it keeps no record of wrongs
my clothes will be as white as snow
no longer will you need those other rags
love does not delight in evil but rejoice with truth.
and the truth shall set you free
it always protects
I will not let you go through more then you can handel
I shall protect you from any harm that may opress you
I will wait for your coming arivel into my arms
I shall wait for your yes
for my love is beyond all you can imagine

Janelle laybolt

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