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We have a God Who can be trusted; we have a Shepherd Who can be trusted; we have a Friend Who can be trusted; a Redeemer; Protector; Faithful and True.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of our praise, our adoration, our love, our trust.

He is the Author and Finisher of our faith, a most holy faith, our Life, our King, Immortal, Whose faithfulness and love knows no end.

We have a Deliverer Who can be trusted, a Saviour Who can be trusted, having laid down His life for us while we were yet sinners, having made all things for us before we needed it, Who answers prayers before we even ask, Who knows our every need and thought, even every hair on our heads, by Whom all things consist and are held together. Our Lord, Jesus Christ knows our frame, our weaknesses, our longings and pains, having Himself walked as we are, yet without sin, always believing.

We have a God Who believes, so that even in our belief we can trust Him and His Love towards us. We have a Surety Who can be trusted; Faithful and True, eternal Love; everlasting Whose Glory and Majesty declares His Righteousness that He, in grace has imputed on us, and Who calls and woo's us to Himself, only ever loving us, forgiving us all iniquity and trespass, desiring to give us His Peace and Joy in believing. We have a God we can come to, Who can be trusted, We can call upon Him, Who is Faithful and true; our Friend, our King.

Let us bow before Him and become His Glory.... such is His giving, His Love, that we should receive of Him His own Life, His Glory manifested in our becoming acceptable to Him by His own will, Perfect and True, Pure, Honest, Lovely, Just and Holy, both now and ever, Jesus Christ the Lord, Amen.


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