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(Question)What is Eve's telephone number?

(Answer) A D A - M 8 1 2

("Adam ate one too")
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LOL not bad :D

I like that. Thanks for sharing the wonderful jokes Gloria
Tollo_Eruanna said:
Thats pretty funny! It took me a bit to understand it...but then again I'm a tad bit slow...

:wink: Teee heee heee! Me too, I read it over for like two whole minutes, then I got it! But it's ok!
Back in the "good old days" (lol) the phone numbers had letters AND numbers!

You all must be "babes" lol

P.S. Dont try calculating my age now - my Mother told me that joke :wink:

Gloria said:
(Question)What is Eve's telephone number?

(Answer) A D A - M 8 1 2

("Adam ate one too")

i like it but it is not good towards us men... LOL but very nice... LOL i like...

Love Simon!!!