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Eternal Saviour, Eternal Lord

Hi brothers and sisters,

I have just come through a very hard two weeks. I cannot say I passed the test with flying colours. In fact, had a mere human been the examiner I would have failed and been told not to darken his doorstep again!

We do not, however, have an imperfect human judge. We have a Perfect, Righteous Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. How wonderful that is!

A lesson that our Lord has been drumming into me is Eternal Security in Him. I do not want this thread to turn into a discussion on "once saved, always saved" and do ask that you respect the fact that this is in the "Testimony" section.

I, like many brothers and sisters, have struggled severely with insecurity. That fearfulness that this time I've gone too far. And if I haven't this time, I'm sure to the next time!

Such insecurity affects our human relationships, and we often end up driving away the very ones we love and want near us.

But it is worse when we have that insecurity in our relationship with God. And I have had that feeling of insecurity.

Satan has misused Scripture against me, using the passages in Hebrews and 2 Peter to persuade me that "God doesn't really love you, look, here's how I'm getting you back."

BUT! Jesus is the Truth. And in the end, however much the devil may misuse it, the Word of God brings forth the fruit that God intends. Praise be to God!

So, after many, many years of heartache and fear, I am slowly being brought to the place where I can totally trust God. A place where I may fear Him, yet not fear losing Him. To be surrounded by Love, secure in His loving arms.

And I know that this is an important lesson for me. To know the Unfailing Love of the One who died for me.

Dear Lord, I do not usually pray typing these days, but I want to speak to You this way today, so that my dear brothers and sisters on TJ can read what I am saying to You. Jesus, I want to thank You. I want to thank You that even when I had given up on myself, when I couldn't believe that anyone would love me if they knew what I'd done, You, my Saviour, still held me close. You know the darkest secrets I have, and You shine Your Light on them and bring me through. Jesus, thank You for being my Saviour, O Jesus, be my Lord. Be Lord of every part. Thank You Jesus. Amen.
In fact, had a mere human been the examiner I would have failed..
Love that Brother! :`)

Wonderful testimony!

Psa 147:11 The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love.

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