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Esther 9-10, Acts 7:1-21

Acting On Belief
Key Verse: Acts 7:5

An engagement ring is tangible evidence of a promise. Words can be cheap, but the price of a ring placed on the finger carries more weight than just that of the stone. It says, "I will marry you." We like tangible evidences, but it takes more faith to believe when no evidence is given.

God gave great promises to Abraham--a nation, and a land for that nation to occupy. At the time Abraham did not have any children, nor had God given him any land. A promise with no evidence, yet Abraham believed.

In time a son was born. Isaac became the father of Jacob, and Jacob became the father of the 12 patriarchs, and ultimately a great nation resulted. God kept His promise.

But when Abraham died, all he owned of the Promised Land was a grave--and he paid for it himself. Yet he believed God. That is why he bought a burial plot in the land promised to him. He knew that one day the land would be given to him and his descendants. Ultimately God gave the Promised Land to the nation descended from Abraham. God kept His promise.

God still keeps His promises--perhaps not in our timing or according to our wishes, but He does keep them. Sometimes we have material or physical evidence for those promises, but often we do not. What we do have is His Word, which He calls on us to believe, just as Abraham did. The question is never, "Will God do what He says?" but, "Will we believe?"

God, help me be like Abraham, not expecting or demanding evidences now. Help me believe, trusting You for the "right now" and the right way to fulfill Your promises to me, Your child.

In :love: of JESUS the Christ, Our LORD.
:love: Yeshua