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Estate or ranch?

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On the television show the $64,000 question. There are 3 contestants.
An Englishman, a Texan, and a man from Arkansas. All three make it to the final round.

Now for $64,000... answer the final question, and spell your answer!
The final question is.....
Old McDonald had a _______ ? Fill in the blank.

The Englishman presses the buzzer first, so he gets to answer first.
Old McDonald had an Estate... E S T A T E.

Well you spelled it correctly, but it was the wrong answer.

The Texan gets to go next.
Old McDonald had a ranch... R A N C H.

You also spelled it correctly, but it's still the wrong answer.
By now the Arkansan is busting at the seams... I know, I know.. pick me!!

Finally, the Arkansan gets to answer.
Old McDonald had a FARM!!! E I E I O.
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