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Essential oils

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Essential oils - endless benefits / part 1

Essential oils are well known in aromatherapy as alternative medicine to improve your health. Typical human nose has about 400 scent receptors and your nose can smell at least 1 trillion scents. More informations how it works in link down below.

Caution: before you start your adventure with essential oils firstly consult a health professional.

Here's a list I prepared of my favourite essential oils and short information about the benefits.

- lavender oil - the favourite of mine. It's very useful for treating anxiety, insomnia and depression. I love adding some drops to my bath. Before I go to bed I rub it on my forehead which helps to fall asleep really fast. It's also good to repels bugs, ants and other insects.

- tea tree oil - my chemical-free mouthwash keeps my gums healthy and refresh my breath. I also add few drops for my foot bath detox. Very helpful to remove toxins, heavy metals. It brings back the right pH levels. Relaxing for girls after long walks at the mall ;)

- orange oil - last time I use it daily to improve my mood. It's just smells like happiness. Especially when the weather is dark, cloudy and gloomy.

- spruce oil - inhalation helps to calm your cough. It also helps clear colds and flu.

- eucalyptus oil - amazing for disorder of nose and nasal sinuses, airway diseases. Another great non-chemical mouthwash. It also sooth migraine and headaches.

The part 2 is going to be about natural beauty benefits of oils. No harm, no injection just pure natural treatment.

You need to know that it's important to use 100% natural essential oils. Some brands produces their stuff of unknown chemical sources which is extremely dangerous to inhale.

For more informations check out the sites:

What are essential oils? Uses and side effects

Human nose can detect 1 trillion odours
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Thank you for sharing @Joanna

Looking forward to your next post.

May I add to the list Clary Sage
I used this oil in labour and child birth for calming and pain relief.
It was excellent, and I still use the oil now.
(There are a number of precautions especially for pregnancy......so readers please research before use)

Here's a link


You might want to check a few of these out.

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