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Sometimes the code on this site reads something in a post to be links which are not links, so I ran the post through Word Pad, and also cut it down to about half and got the same error message again. Something is not working, or I have been in effect banned.
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hehe, this thread should be on the feedback forum. All i thought there is an interesting topic to study on the Bible because of the title of the thread :grin:
@tulsa 2011 i think you are not banned bro or else you can't get in here? And you were able to post your thread.
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Greetings @tulsa 2011

I have moved your thread to the Feedback forum because as TheWidowsOffering correctly said the thread was misplaced

Usually if you copy and paste it onto wordpad first then to Talk Jesus it works (for me anyway)

If you have been trying to post a reply to someone use the 'go advanced' setting rather than the quick reply

Also Internet Explorer does not work effectively with many features on the forum
Chrome works well (as do Firefox and Opera)

You haven't been banned or you wouldn't have been able to have posted your thread.

I am not an expert but the above are just a few things that I have found useful

If you look through the feed back forum and the help section you will find other helpful points
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