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ER visit

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Feel free to move the post to whatever category needed. Also, I am not date setting, I don't know the meaning of what I saw , I have my theories but I will not say I know what it means. I just feel I must tell what happened and that is what I'm doing.

About 10 days ago I was working and started feeling a little sick, sweating and a bit of a stomach ache. I went and sit in the car to cool down thinking maybe I got to hot. After about 10 minutes I decided to call it a day and close up shop. I stepped out of the car and told me wife and friend that was helping me that day that we're going to call it , I'm just not feeling well. I went in to the shop to close it down and had the worse stomach pain I've ever felt in my life. So bad that it took me down to my knees. We're leaving the shop and my wife decides I'm going to the hospital, I hate going to hospitals and doctors, only time I've said yes is when I've had broken bones. I was in so much pain I didn't fight it, I agreed to go immediately. On the way to the hospital the pain is so bad I'm in the fetal position, my hands start going numb and I began blacking out is the only way to describe it . At this point I see a line of white clouds, in the clouds I see a lion in the middle and people in the clouds also .I can't make out details, a outline is the best way I can explain it . Kinda like they was behind it but about to come out of it. I have a date given to me, not by a audible voice but kinda just imprinted in my brain September 19th. Next we show up at the hospital and I'm feeling fine, a little foggy and a slight stomach ache but I don't feel like I should go in. Well my wife tells me I'm going in to get checked no way I'm talking my way out of this . They spend a few hours checking me out, IV, EKG, cat scan (I think that's the one, where they put you in the big tube and scan your head). They don't know what it is and the best conclusion they came up with is stress and or heat. So, I do not know what this means and the date September 19th has no meaning to me, no birthdays, anniversaries or anything. Turns out September 19th falls on Rosh Hashanah. Again, I'm not setting a date for anything but I had to share this. I have my own ideas what this means and what happened to me but I can't say 100% what it means. I can say this, I'm a Christian who believes Jesus came to earth as God in the flesh who died on a cross to save us from our sins and that we have a home with him after this life. When I saw the clouds I thought I was dying and I had peace about it.