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Endless Drama

Staff Member
Greetings Brothers / Sisters in Christ,

I have a prayer request of you. I am having constant trouble in my life mostly in the business field. I own my own online web hosting company. It has come to my attention that I seem to fight with a customer or business person on a daily basis. You would think naturally this must be my fault if the fighting is so broad to include customers and business people on a daily basis. Not true. Keep in mind when the devil sees good and Godly, he attacks like a lion. I am not perfect and do have a bit of a patience problem. That is so naturally after all the constant bickering and frustration piles up day by day.

I am respectful of my clients but some start mouthing off with degrading comments towards me and my company on the forums and review sites. So many evil lies and insulting comments. Here is one for example:

They are playing off your spiritual beliefs for sheer profit as is a most unfortunately common occurance in today's marketplace. It is very "PC" to believe in Christ these days... there's big bucks in it if you can fool enough people that you are "one of them." "

I have read lies on one particular web forum (known as the most popular and also a bashing forum by naive people) that I held the data "hostage" to quote correctly unless the person singed a form to guarantee payment. This person threatened to dispute the charge (over $100) for services rendered. He blamed me for something 100% out of my control and mouthed off on the forum. Some others followed in (naive teens) and started assumptions and more false lies.

One even (a home based hosting provider) called my company with a million questions to test my intelligence of my technical skills. He posted it all on the forum insulting me about my skills and added his lying version of the conversation. Another with a purposeful motive started a conversation on instant messenger and sounded all polite (after sounding 100% drunk on the phone prior) to get me to turn his account back on after I had to suspend it due to lack of payment and his degrading insults. He mouthed off on the forums as well with lies and sarcastic comments.

I end up arguing with a customer over ridiculous things including:

- lack of respect when they submit a support request. They bicker at me because they are having a bad day.

- disregard to the facts (my respone to them about a technical problem not being related to my service / end) and false assumptions

- naive behavior from both young adults and elders (believe it or not). Example: jumping the gun to threaten me with lawyers or "forum" bashing about my company due to their selfish ways they assume I am in the wrong.

- blaming me instantly for something they did wrong on their account / server OR if there is a bug in the control panel, they make it seem as if it is my fault and it should have been fixed already OR it should be fixed by me instead of waiting for the software maker to update it with a fix (usually within 24hrs).

- when kindly asked to "follow support guideline" and identify their account, some respond so harshly as if I am in the wrong for asking them to idenify their account. Common sense tells you if you need support on your account, you need to obviously identify your account (customer number) in order for me to assist the person. You see?

My company has been brutally bashed on several web hosting forums. The lies and false accusations have made it so impossible for me to respond to in order to speak the truth for any to believe. It is sickening. Now, my company has been so slow for some odd reason in general (nothing to do with the threads on the forum as the Internet and my advertisiing is broad, worldwide). I normally get 40+ new orders / cleints a month. This month I have received less than 10. I have awesome ratings on offical web hosting directories as well. I redesigned my site (spent approximately 40 hours). I redesigned it after wasting 3 months with a web design firm who failed to live up to the services promised. Now I am fighting for my $1992.66 via AMEX dispute resolution procedure.

Business issues:

I just purchased an online networking software on Friday. I had a major problem installing it because the documentation was not updated to reflect proper installation (the tech even admitted this) and the tech's new installation procedure was incorrect. I explained this to him several times and he consistently insulted me about my technical knowledge and assumed I was "bashing" him (false). Now I had to dispute the $699.95 with AMEX today. The rep from that unethical company said this:
" I very clearly determine that this is a case of espionage in which you had no intentions of using our software, but to waste time and resources from our company by this support game that you have been playing."

"I have spoken with our main shareholder and I have been advised to issue you a partial refund.

Our calculations are that this has taken 3 hours of support thus far. That's $75 per hour x 3 hours = $225.00. Therefore we'll refund you the rest. $699.95 - $225.00 = $474.95."

When I asked for a full refund, he originall said this:

"Ok, we'll process the refund. This procedure takes 4 - 8 weeks to accomplish within our company."

The person did not provide any support whatsoever. Shame. And then 4-8 weeks for credit card refund? Liar.

Other business issues:

I have been dealing with both Dell and Hewlett Packard to buy my company new servers. HP quotes for the last 3 months were great as were Dell's. HP had an organizational restucture last week and I lost my rep. I called endlessly several times to get a new rep. First one refused to acknowledge the quotes I was provided and his were about 30% higher. He showed no professional efforts to try to get the quotes HP promised for 3 straight months. I spoke to a 2nd rep, he promised to get back to me. I left two voicemails and he did not contact me in return (he knows my account number and email contact as well). I am now dealing with a third person.

Dell disapproved me for leasing without me even submitting the requested information which I confirmed I will do so. They don't know why they disapproved knowing I did not give them details yet to give them valid reasons to approve or disapprove me for leasing. In the meantime for the last 3 months, I get quoted prices higher than their online retail prices even though I am about to purchase in bulk quantity. Naturally in the business world bulk quantity would mean lower per unit pricing.

I have halted half my services because I have no servers available to provide further new sales to new potential clients. Its been this way for two months now. This is also delaying further growth of the dozen or so other services I've been waiting to add for the last 6 months as well.

More nonsense:

Been trying to upgrade Talk Jesus for 4 months now. The go ahead I needed (final stable version of vbulletin and updated 3rd party template) are finally in my hand. I am just waiting for the designer to confirm upgrade procedure. Its such a big project due to vbulletin's major changes in this newer version and it affects every customizatoin I made to the current one. They all have to be redone adding endless hours to my already full work load. At the same time, I care not to ask anyone else to touch the admin side of things on my site or my server. Never would I trust anyone with the access to the backend. Its my duty and self peace I need to know that no one but me can mess up anything if I do.

Personal issues:

To add to the mother load of current days frustration, I am having constant personal battles within myself. I feel heart broken and tortured that I do not give GOD enough time of the day. I can't find peace in my environment (physical and mixed with the above problems I mentioned). I have a roller coaster problem with my self esteem. My hearing problem is degrading by the day noticably. I hate it and it is aggravating me to the most inner center core of my being (well being). I have dealt with this almost all my life, since I was 7 yrs old.

I feel unattractive even though I weightlift / workout daily. The problem with working out is that I am so addicted to it, I cannot take off like all weight lifters should properly do. In general, one week off every month or so is reasonable. I have not taken off more than 10 days in the last 4-5 months (no more than 2 days max at a time). I hurt my wrist back in June, still not healed. My shoulder injured (not first time) in September, still not healed. I'm addicted that I can't even lay back and let myself heal.

I'm also a warrior on "energy drinks". I'm talking a bottle (one serving) of Redline, one serving of Xenadrine 8 before my workout. I'm addicted to these things and the long run is not so bright if I don't stop taking these every day. They are meant to be taken in phases not daily forever. I would love to be 100% natural when it comes to food intake but adding these do help me out energy wise. However, how good does it get in the long run when the warning label is longer than a contract? Slight exageration.

I am building up a sickening eating habit. I eat almost a full meal in bed before passing out to sleep. I eat healthy, but the junk is crawling in probably due to my self esteem issues. Its sickening me. I'm a health freak all in all. That is the real Chad. I'm a workaholic as well but I love working anyway.

Then I got 99.99% of my family hard core catholics who have statues (idols) of Virgin Mary and pray to her. This is causing me spiritual lack of peace. Yes, I pray for them but to preach to them is like talking to a rock (funny the irony, which they pray to a rock = statue). Don't ge me wrong. They do not kneel down and pray in front of the statue, but disgustly still think there is power in the statues. Disgusting. One day I will lose my peace enough to chainsaw the ROCKS to edible size pieces.

On top of it I just dealt with someone who constantly deceived me for 4 straight months and put my head and heart in a place I never imagined it could be in. As if someone discovered yet another new galaxy billions of galaxies away. The deceit was so strong that it made me lose some sanity temporarily and 7 lbs in two short disgraceful days. Wasn't enough, I forgave the person and found out more lies. The saddest part is that I felt it was GOD sent (person) part of my life. Not a single hint of deceit for 4 months until it all crashed down on me one day at a time, in the end. Congratulations on your game. You won 4 months of my love with bleeding hate back at me.

This phase of my life cost me about $2,000 in wasted money. If the love was genuine and no deceit involved, I wouldn't dare mention a penny of it. All I got is debt now. Debt in peace, love, money and stability in my self esteem.

Talk Jesus:

The frustration of dealing with clueless and effortless (lazy) members is getting to me more than I would ever show it for the forum's sake. Just now I get another typical email asking me why the member cannot get into live chat. The frustration is? The answer is there the moment you get into live chat. It gives you a plain, clear straightforward answer that a 5 year old can comprehend. The message explains to you the requirements to be able to use live chat. Its unbelievable that a person reading that (I am referring to people who speak / write / read English clearly) would still email me asking me why they cannot get into live chat. How about when they ask a question to check their account and yet again (like business clients) do not give a single hint of their account identification (username0? Its amazing how ridiculous people can be sometimes. Its sad to say tis, sad but true.

I had other issues with some people that included endless gossip and physical harm. It also included serious immorality towards others who were just newly saved and recovering from endless immorality in their lives to begin with. I know there are people gossiping about me and spreading lies for their selfish gain and to remedy their own evil actions. No problem. Keep this in mind: you will face Jesus Christ on judgment day. So will I, making it pressuring on me to try my best to make every right decision on Talk Jesus including who to ban, who to unban, what new accounts to approve or not approve, what to say, respond with and without, etc. So you still want to know why I am not a perfect administrator? Very well then.

Other matters:

Crossings (book company) is constantly harassing me for money ($175 or so) for books I never ever ordered. I told them it would go to my lawyer if they do not stop harassing me and invoicing me, threatening me with collections (which they did). One rep finally emailed and confirmed my account is closed and no payment due. A few days later, another mail and emaled invoice. Ridiculous. A Christian book store online? Lies. Unethical liars.

I give my tithes to some Christian organizations (evangelistic and missionaries). I have this rather strange problem. I get a bit annoyed when they constantly send me mailings asking me for money (they are not begging rest assured). These are very well known Christian not for profit organizations that I love. Why do I find the mailings annoying then? It is not them. It is me. Its because I honestly feel so heart broken that I truly want to give money back each time I get a mailing but I know I don't have to because I am not unlimited in funds. So why do I get frustrated? Well, because it kills me inside, breaks my heart knowing there are children starving out there and no matter what I gave, how much I give I sometimes feel guilty for not giving more even though I know I certainly give enough according to GOD's expectations (read about tithing). I am not boasting, but it is annoying to me. I feel terrible thinking these things but I am still innocent of any wrong here. Not perfect, but innocent. Thank GOD for what He has given me, I will always give back to His children in need. All Glory to the Father.

You reading this also, give to those in need. If you can eat three meals a day or more, you know your not lacking anything enough to call yourself "starving".


Isn't it rather frustrating when someone consistently calls you to "check up" on you regarding a business deal and yet you explain to them several times that you are very busy and will get back to them when you can? I'm dealing with a Christian site which is a great site all in all, but the person selling me advertisement just doesn't seem to comprehend plain English when I tell him I am very busy. I feel like yelling at him at the top of my lung until he feels the need to accuse me of being a "false christian" like I have been mocked with before by Talk Jesus members and "wolves".

I spent about $500 last week on music equipment. A small guitar amp, a cd quality computer sound card for recording music and some accessories. After I received these items joyfully, I sadly sat there trying to figure out why I would purchase these items when my hearing is as good as near complete silence. I have the amp high enough in front of my head that I can feel the wind from the sound waves against my entire body. My headphones are blown due to putting the guitar effects pedal on full up volume. My song that I love and from GOD is becoming dull to me due to my lack of playing guitar often and keeping up with my 14yrs of experience, practice. On top of that, again my hearing problem frustrating me more by the day. Hearing aids cannot live up to my needs.


As you can see, I am not a breathing box of chocolate (you get the metahpor don't you?). I would love some prayers from anyone who cares to pray and not just say "I'll pray for you Chad!". Don't bother saying anything if you don't walk the talk. Sorry to sound so blunt, but it is true. If you say you will pray for someone when knowingly you won't, your a liar and worst than the pagans in the Bible.

To sum it up briefly (somewhat):

- Business matters. Resolution of ill current issues
- Business decisions: wisdom, guidance, knowledge
- Patience, forgiveness with the worst of people I may deal with
- Physical rest, healing, deliverance from anything I should not be taking
- Spiritual peace and growth in my relationship with Jesus Christ
- Smooth upgrading Talk Jesus and fulfilling the endless desires
- Granted wisdom as great as Solomon (human sense) and like Jesus
- Molded to be more Christ like in a shockinly unexpected way, from GOD Himself that will blow me away and restore me 100% to a better breathing being than I ever was
- Abundant increase in my business to make up for financial loss and customers I suspended due to their intolerable attitude
- Final deal with either Dell or HP. A deal greater than anything they promised. A great "favor" from the Lord.

I'm sorry for such a long prayer request. As you may have noticed by now, I usually post my prayer requests that way. I do not post requests often, so therefore its a build up over time into one lengthy request.

GOD bless you richly in Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers. I do greatly appreciate them all. GOD knows it true.

Yours Truly in Christ Jesus,
Brother Chad
Dear brother Chad . I WILL PRAY FOR YOU . I know of the struggles that you have been going through both in your business and personal life not to mention TalkJesus . Chad , I am shocked at some members , three in particular that would even have the gall to continue coming to this site .

They have posted False pictures of who they are on the site , and then act like they never knew they did it . And others are the devils ? They all live in the same house , but they don't know what is going on ? Liers ! A godly man knows what goes on in his house . But this guy acts blind and dumb , yet calls other here deceptive ? Judge your own house , before you judge others here !

They know who they are and if it were not for your loving kindness toward them , I would bann them faster than you can say the word . They all have hurt you very deeply and I warned them that if they were to hurt you that they would be working totally against God and his servant .

They still choose to come here as if to spit in your face ! They are liers and have been banned from other Christian sites for their ungodly bull . I have sat back and not said a word brother , but I do not care anymore about them . They spread tales and are the worst kind of Christians . Again , judge your own house first ! You look foolish .

Chad, you are a very Godly man for putting up with them . I agree you should and have to forgive them Chad . But to have them in your face everyday is too much to ask ! No doubt I will be challenged about my anger with them . They have disgraced theirselves and are shameful in every way . Religious devils with no heart or compassion for you . Only their religious pride !
As for your business Chad . You have given TalkJesus all out of your own pocket , and to think that members have said that you are being lead around by others , namely me is a sign of how ignorant they are . If I had my way , they all would be gone . They do not deserve all that God has blessed them with through you , and I have sat back at your request and watched them abuse you , my brother Chad .

I want all the members at TalkJesus to understand me that I am only talking about a few people here , and not you all as a fellowship . Chad loves you all ! And you can see what kind of a man he is when he allows the person and her comrades stay here , even though they don't even have enough respect to leave . No doubt they want Chad to ban them so they can call him ungodly . They will be banned , but not by Chad . Blame me you ignorant ungodly devils who stay here only to torment my Shepherd and brother in Christ !

Chad , I will pray for you as will my family and many others here who love you as Christ does . Brother , please forgive me before all here , but it is time to throw out the trash and I am starting tonight .

Peace be unto you brother and rest your soul . God is for you I am sure . As for the others I will say you know who you are , and goodbye . :thumbs_do
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While my heart hurts when I see my brother or sister in pain it is also proof ! Proof that you are human proof that you are trying to walk the walk and proof that you are making satan sweat because he knows the mighty work you are doing for the Glory of God.

I completely have your back I am in prayer for you even when you do not ask! :)

We know who wins!

Love in Christ
Chad, I read this post yesterday and I did not have the words to express my deep sorrow as I feel your pain and distress. I wish I could something to eleviate your anguish and sorrow but words are just words, not actions. The easy and pat answer would be "I'll pray for you brother" but those words seem empty for me to use. I want to stand beside you and petition the Lord for healing, for miracles to happen in your life. You are in my thoughts Chad and in my discussions with my Heavenly Father. I'm gonna go and have a chat with Him now.
God bless you as you Minister.

Like others I don't have all the answers for you, but I will pray for you. Take this verse and claim it against those lies that are being told, and say it as if you mean it. :girl_hug:

Isaiah 54:17 (New King James Version)
17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
And their righteousness is from Me,”
Says the LORD.
crikey Chad i am glad your prayer request was so long because it makes it easier to get to know what is bugging you yeah? so like i do have a patients issue too also and get frustrated very very easily. I dont think i can pray inteligently about half the stuff on here because i dont know or understand it much, but like i can pray for the patients thing and for peace, because this i know about because it drives me nutty myself.

hang in there guy
God Bless You Chad

:rose: I've seen your joy too Chad and that is beautiful. So sorry that you have been so heart hurt and overworked. I DO pray for you often and admire all the work that you do. To lay it out before us, shows us what an overwhelming life you lead. May the Holy Spirit rest in you and bring you all the healing you need. We are a team of folks who love the Lord and very much appreciate our own personal shepherd, you Chad. I've said it before on shoutbox, "strike the shepherd and the sheep shall be scattered". You are a shepherd of the Great Shepherd, Chad and we can not afford for you to be stricken anymore, we would lose our unity. I will keep you in my prayers and by the way, my family is 99% catholic too and believe me, they kneel before statues. Wish I could make you smile Chad, a simple joke, a prayer for the Holy Spirit to rejoice in you, or just telling you that you are one very unique man. And very honest too. So much praise is given at talkjesus, for talkjesus Chad and that is the result of your shepherding. Caulifour is just thanking us all for the miracles in her life and some of us are all praying for many miracles at talkjesus this week. We sheep don't want to be scattered Chad, so we of course will pray for our great team leader, you. Warmth and love to you Chad and a little comprehension of what you are going through, though what you are going through is more than I could percieve. Holy Spirit, please just cover Chad with your determination to make his talkjesus work and please bring him the rewards that he so needs, the surety of his Christlike walk. Amen. Jesus, you got one very nice brother. Please take care of him. Okay? :rose:

I am in prayer for you tonight. It appears you are under attack from every possible direction. Be encouraged dear brother, You are not alone! You have the Holy Spirit and he will give you the strength to endure! In Ephesians chapter six it speaks of the armor of God. You may wish to review that passage and Refresh your knowledge. The shield of Faith will quench the fiery darts that you are being bombarded with. Remember it is the Joy of the Lord that is YOUR strength! PRAISE HIM AND REJOICE!

Keeping your physical body strong is wise. When I go to my health club, I mainly do the treadmills and cycles. I put scriptures on index cards and place them on the computer panel and memorize them as I work out. Reading them and repeating them in my head until they are in heart. That is an idea you may want to use. Not only will you be making your physical body strong and healthy but your spirit will benefit too.

Dear Brother as I have read your request and am currently praying for you, several scriptures have come to mind. Mostly about faith and trials.

1 peter 1:6 In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. 8Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, 9for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls.

James 1:2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

Acts 20:24 But these things don't count; nor do I hold my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to fully testify to the gospel of the grace of God

Proverbs 3:6 -In all your ways acknowledge him, And he will direct your paths.

You have a wonderful site here and I am sure many have been blessed by your efforts. (I for one) Don't give in to discouragement, seek wise Godly counsel, and keep praising the Savior of your soul. God bless you! And Thank you.
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Staff Member
I would like to personally thank everyone for their prayers, all of you. They mean much to me priceless in worth and endless in appreciation. As a shepard for the sheep, I have a lot of pressure on me but GOD is my witness I love all I do for Him and His people (all of you) in whatever way I can. It is my pleasure to do so no matter what the load is.

GOD knows I am His warrior for Truth and nothing short of it. Not perfect but one who acknowledges some basic principles:

Jesus Christ = Savior
Jesus Christ = 100% my strength
Jesus Christ = eternal life

To sum it up, all glory to the Father in Heaven, our GOD. No matter what the trials are in my life personally I know what my outcome is = Jesus Christ. I can't complain in the end and know it before the end of trial comes. But in the meantime of these trials prayers are important.

I have dealt with a load of trials in one big trial of trials combined the past few months. They came in every possible direction of my life and was rather tough to deal with but my strength is my Savior.

To give you all a bit of understanding about me in person, trials with pressure are my every day life. That is due to the territory that comes with being a "shepard" and running a successful ministry (praise GOD). It takes a lot of time, pressure, effort, motivation, patience, wisdom and faith along with other things to keep Talk Jesus in place. My moderators are a serious great help to me also, no questions asked about that so keep them in prayer also because they work endlessly as well and they have families to care for in the meantime.

Your prayers always appreciated, you'll never know. GOD does so keep it up. Its the greatest weapon we have been given by GOD Himself so let us take advantage of prayer and use it in every breath we breathe.

God bless you all richly with wisdom and prosperity in every aspect of your lives. I declare so in Jesus' precious and Holy name.


Chad said:
Greetings Brothers / Sisters in Christ,

I give my tithes to some Christian organizations (evangelistic and missionaries). I have this rather strange problem. I get a bit annoyed when they constantly send me mailings asking me for money (they are not begging rest assured). These are very well known Christian not for profit organizations that I love. Why do I find the mailings annoying then? It is not them. It is me. Its because I honestly feel so heart broken that I truly want to give money back each time I get a mailing but I know I don't have to because I am not unlimited in funds. So why do I get frustrated? Well, because it kills me inside, breaks my heart knowing there are children starving out there and no matter what I gave, how much I give I sometimes feel guilty for not giving more even though I know I certainly give enough according to GOD's expectations (read about tithing). I am not boasting, but it is annoying to me. I feel terrible thinking these things but I am still innocent of any wrong here. Not perfect, but innocent. Thank GOD for what He has given me, I will always give back to His children in need. All Glory to the Father.
The letters requesting more money need not make you feel guilty. If you are tithing to Christian charities, and cannot do more, then just keep on as you are doing, unless God directs you otherwise. Ask God to help you to know if you are giving as He wants, if you did not already, then leave it to Him to guide you, and don't let it bother you that you cannot help the whole world.

Bless you for being a giving person, and for making this site available.

Toklatkate (Kathy)