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End of the Spear movie

I have not seen this movie; there is a great debate going on about this film. My parents stand against it; do not ask why, I do not know. I feel I need to not take sides, thus I am undecided what to think about this film.
I am thinking I would like to see it... I was watching a tv show that had people who were involved in the story..this was about a year ago before the movie came out..

Drowning can I ask what the debate is about ( I am not asking about between your parents I mean in general) because I have not heard any... I am not saying that there isnt..I just like to be informed.. Thanks so much.
Staff Member
I would like to know if anyone has seen this before I rent it. Please let us know your review on this movie
Hey everyone. I saw this film last night, a coworker had let me borrow the DVD. To be honest, the movie left me feeling somewhat indifferent. Having beforehand heard about the story it is based on, it is my opinion that this film had the potential to involve the audience emotionally in a great way, but in the end doesn't. My biggest objection to the film is in that it never took the time to explain why these people were attempting to make contact with the natives. Their motives are hinted at, seeing the characters make biblical decisions when presented with life-or-death scenarios involving the natives, but you never truly see the devotion of these missionaries towards what they believe and the mission they're carrying. If one was to walk into the theater having never heard of this film, one would just as much confuse these missionaries with scientists due to the lack of insight as to what they believe and why they are visiting these natives. I'm definitely not saying that the movie should've had a sermon in every scene, but it seems as though the filmmakers went to such an extent to make the movie unoffensive to non-believers that they stripped the characters of any passion towards their mission, resulting in a very impersonal film with flat, two-dimensional characters.
good to see more christian movies out there!

I heard about this movie on a youth camp recently, and it sounded like a good story (although whether it was potrayed well might change that...). Apparently though, its not available in Australia at the moment. I think they rejected it or something. Or atleast, in Victoria I haven't heard it mentioned.

Atleast there are more movies being made about christian stories and characters that are making an impact! It's definetely a step-up from the bible re-enactments that you see on infomercials or as midday movies... they tell the story, but they don't really reach the broader audience of non-believers.

I think its great to see movies like this one, the Passion, the Nativity Story and even ones like Narnia that are based around biblical stories or atleast christian values.
Staff Member
It got a decent user viewer ratings here
End of the Spear (2005)

I still have not seen the movie. However, I've read many stories (related to this movie's plot) where missionaries go into the most dangerous areas (especially tribal) and get persecuted up to death. Some get their eyes plucked out, burned, stabbed, etc. Its horrific but still, the end results in many situations is amazing. The Holy Spirit changes hearts of the most hardened, most deceived.

You can read many stories in the book called "voice of the martyrs"

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