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firefromheaven said:
It would be nice to be able to recieve emails from friends we've added to our friends list or is it the buddy list.
It is my opinion that such e-mails should be from members of TJ only. We don;t want this site to get bogged down with e-mails that are outside the mission of Talk Jesus.

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Amen SLE. Each member decides on their own if they wish to receive emails or not. That is their choice, privacy regardless if another added them to their buddy list.
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What I meant was the ability to recieve emails from people in you buddy list.The ability to turn on or off emails from each individual.Instead of turning on the feature of recieving emails from everyone on the website.Maybe I don't understand how it works but that's my thoughts.
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This is not possible. They can however send you a pm. You can add people to an ignore list as well. There is no reason to want to block your own brothers/sisters in contacting you, however if you do not wish to fellowship on a fellowship forum, use the ignore feature in the buddy list as well.

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