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Email address

I read this in a magazine while I was getting my car fixed, I thought it was cute wanted to pass it on to you......

My Brother-in-law has a great email address. It starts PS81_10b@ ______.com

PS81_10b is to represent the second half of the Bible verse Psalms 81:10 which States: "Open Wide your mouth and I will fill it."

Oh, by the way He's a dentist!
That's pretty funny Dannielle! I didn't get it until I read the last part...lol

God bless ya,
hey i'm not sure i get it since i'm kind of slow on jokes, haha, lol, but i'll think about it, oh, lol, now i got it... wow, it took me a while. lol, wow, sorry, haha, ok later, bye
lol, Tanya
LOL.. ok then nicely done.. that is kinda funny in a way but not if you get me. cos like yeah... LOL the last part is a good choice to be put there.... LOL but nice joke!!!