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Hopefully here at talkjesus, we will not encounter the problem of elitism. We must remember that we are told so much by Jesus, to forgive much and you shall be forgiven and love your enemies. Judge not, lest ye be judged. As we answer other posts and talk on chat, please remember the kindness in the intent of the words that Jesus spoke. Let us be planted in Lord Jesus, the "good soil" and let us pray and encourage even the downcast and misunderstood here at talkjesus. Careful how you use scripture and make sure that it is balanced with the promise of the tender gentle Jesus. Encouragement is what we all need, in the Lord. None of us are sinless, in fact Jesus calls us all evil. That is okay though, we are on the same "good soil".
Just don't want to see anyone be too hard on others, especially using scripture to beat them. Scripture is a whole context. Love your enemies and forgive those who sin. God bless you. Let's not lose the focus of the love of Jesus. Remember how much Jesus loved the sinners. Amen
You know what I really hate, when people manipulate scripture to justify their own actions. I went to a devout catholic school (trust me, they embody eletism), they basically used scripture to justify sex before marriage and war. I was on the verge of eviceration! We wonder why people like Marilyn Manson hate christians. Beware folks what you say and do, you may think your being clever by using scripture reclessly, but you could have an enormous impact on people who will act on it. I had someone use scripture to tell me I was worthless and evil when I was younger, it very very nearly drove me to the Occult! Where I guarantee you I would have gone for the juggular of every christian, but thankfully thats not so (dont worry Im not a loony, lol). So seriously take it easy, you personally could make an enemy, and give christianity bad press, which it seriously doesnt need right now. Thats all folks, and remember...Children Of Bodom kick ***!!!!!!! Learn this well and thou shalt go far *pats head* lol.
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Seriously, I HATE ELITISTS. Sometimes, I feel unable to forgive them. But of course I do...unless they excercise 'authority based on what they have that I don't' to me. These people are ignorant. They think they're so cool because of what they have according to flesh.